Higdon Clone Snow Goose Motion Decoy

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Higdon Clone Snow Goose

The Clone Snow Goose Decoy authentically mimics real-life flapping geese. This real motion is achieved through years of testing and refinement, and captures the realistic wing beat and true flying body posture of live birds. Durable and performs impeccably, even in the most extreme conditions. This motorized decoy will take your hunt to the next level. Includes: Remote Stand, Power Cord, Durable Carrying/Storage Case. Requires 12 Volt Battery (not included)

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Authentically mimics a real-life flapping goose
2/15/2023 12:04 pm

Clone decoy

by Lance Jensen

Only one of them will work, brand new battery’s and only one will sinc to remote

2/16/2023 11:21 am


by K wall

Very disappointed in product first day one of the wings broke and after running a few hours bird quite working.

3/6/2023 10:57 am

Not worth the money to me.

by Nick brock

The remote on these is complete junk. They won't operate if you are farther than 15 yards from them. The clips that hold the wings on are also cheap crap and bend easily.

3/8/2023 1:42 pm

Quality Motion Decoy

by Calvin

I bought and used two clones on a 4 day spring hunt last year and I liked them, so I got 3 more for this year's hunt. They have worked well, and look much better as a flock of 5 than the pair of decoys did last year. Several birds worked right on top of them. I only have two complaints. First, the price point. These are some of the most expensive individual decoys on the market. Second, one of the alligator clips on the power cord started making intermittent contact with the wire. It should be easy to fix, but it took a little bit to figure out the issue while out in the field.

3/12/2023 9:25 pm


by Kdub

First day wing broke and the other stopped working. Very disappointed

5/11/2023 11:38 am

Great addition to your spread

by Jerry Vee

I bought 3 of them for goose hunting to add to the rest of my spread. The decoys look good and work3d well for me. The only problem I had was a complete pair-2 wing spars broke on the 1st day. I telephoned Higdon and was immediately sent a new pair. I'm pleased with how they work. The remotes dont reach very far. Overall, I would buy these again.

11/26/2023 9:14 pm

Better suited for an indoor toy of some sorts

by Bill

Bought two. Shipped two right wings for one decoy. Field tested first outing one wing insert broke. Remotes are low quality. The stakes are poor quality. Everything is very cheaply made. The motion is awesome. Better suited as an indoor toy of some sorts.