Higdon Magnum Canada Goose Butt Decoys - 2 Pack

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Higdon Magnum Canada Goose Butt Decoys 2 Pack

You will not find a goose butt that moves better in little wind and looks more lifelike than this. Add these decoys into your spread and create the look of actively feeding geese. High-contrast and deep, realistic feather carving make these look super lifelike. Self-righting weighted keel for quick setup. Keel allows for short-stringing in shallow water. For additional realism, add a Goose Pulsator beside one of these and your whole spread will come to life! Package contains 2 decoys. 

Product Details 
  • Canada butt: 16.75 Inches keel to tail, 8.5 inches wide, 52.13 oz.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

5/8/2017 9:57 am


by Verified Customer -

Great value

5/8/2017 10:01 am

Extremly heavy

by Verified Customer -

Should be made lighter. Far too much weight in the keel.

5/8/2017 10:01 am

Good looking product

by Verified Customer -

Looks great, will key you know after our hunting trip to north dakota

10/28/2019 7:04 pm

Time to PUMP it up

by Hulk

OMG you think you have enough weight in the 1/2 body keel! Selling the four I purchased after this season, absolute tanks to carry in...keel rigging not favorable either if you are using a 4/0 swivel like I do on all the Texas rigs I use. The good news is they have a lot of white showing off at long distance.