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Haydels Redleg Double Reed Mallard Duck Call

Haydels Redleg Double Reed Mallard Duck Call



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The Haydels Redleg Double Reed Mallard Duck Call is designed to give the finest impersonation of a Susie mallard; this duck call is hand tuned by professional callers and blows wet. The duck call's double O ring construction insures a tight seal; while the double-reed system famous in the DR-85 The Deceiver mallard duck call provides resonance. For the wariest of late season migrating mallards arrive our Redleg mallard duck call will keep them committed to your rig. The Haydel Redleg mallard duck call comes with a heavy-duty lanyard. Haydel duck calls are designed by hunters for the hunter.

  • Replicates a mallard hen
  • Hand tuned
  • Double O-ring sealed
  • Double reed call provides resonance
  • Blows wet
  • Includes a heavy duty lanyard

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Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

5/8/2017 10:00 am

Good loud call that does a decent feeder.

by Verified Customer -

Great value

5/8/2017 10:00 am

Very good value

by Verified Customer -

Very good call for the money.

5/8/2017 10:00 am

2 out of 3 ?

by Verified Customer -

Have used this call for 15 years...hands down my favorite. I recently purchased 2 more for my sons. One sounds great and the other is a little off..still love the call just seems to be a quality control issue