Hawk Helium 20" Climbing Stick 4 Pack

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Hawk Helium 20" Climbing Stick 4 Pack 
  • Silent-use Versa Button prevent noise when packing & installing 
  • Tree-digger Teeth Bite into bark for ultimate stability 
  • Superior Step Design Boot gripping steps with raised ends provide non-slip performance 
  •  Weight Rating 300 lbs. 
  •  Construction - Aluminum 
  •  Stick Length - 20" 
  •  Step Width - 10" 
  •  Weight - 2.5 lbs. (ea) 

Built for extreme hunters & rugged durability – HAWK gear is designed for those who push their limits to Hunt Stronger, Safer & Smarter. HUNT FROM ABOVE 

 HAWK’s industry-leading technology brings the safest and most comfortable Hang-on/Lock-on Tree stands, Ladder Stands, Climbing Tree stands, Climbing Sticks and some of the most advanced accessories & tools available to hunters today.

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 HAWK® products are sold at most sporting good retailers and independent hunting dealers across North America. 

 HAWK® is a hunter-driven company committed to ruggedly designed outdoor gear. Never satisfied and refusing to settle, our passion is bringing superior design, quality and performance to products that all hunters can enjoy. Like refining a strategy in the woods, it’s all about evolving.
6/13/2020 12:34 pm

Awesome Sticks. Incorrect Weight.

by Joel

Awesome sticks. Incorrect Weight. They are 2.2 lbs per stick, without the strap. Regardless, they are still some of the best packable climbing sticks on the market today.

6/18/2020 5:18 pm

Quality Control at Hawk is slipping!

by Kraig

Two of the four sets of sticks have steps that fail to fully extend to the open position due to failed quality control/alignment. All 4 sticks have metal shavings inside the sticks that make sounds as the sticks are held/moved around. Also, the nuts/bolts/washers were all loose in the box and I didn't count but it doesn't appear to be enough hardware at first glance.

6/20/2020 7:21 pm


by Marc


6/24/2020 8:54 am

Mack's Saves the Day

by Drew

I purchased (3) sets of these because of Mack's great pricing. I agree with the other review on quality control. One bolt hole was not drilled out completely and I had to punch it out myself. The hardware packet was open. in (2) of the (3) boxes with all bolts and washers loose. One had a washer missing, as well as one of the tree "claws". Mack's was good about sending the missing parts out VERY quickly. These are very nice and compact to pack into the woods, just unexpected quality from Hawk, as they are shipping a brand new product.

6/24/2020 4:27 pm

very solid

by Noah

Just got mine in an everything looked great so I went and put them on a tree in the backyard and they hold as well as my longer helium sticks. I cant wait to hunt with them along with my aiders and saddle

6/24/2020 4:45 pm

Stacks a lot better

by Raymond Fields

Well I ordered 3 sets and one of the boxes was missing a u bracket. I contacted MPW and they got me taken care of asap. As far as the sticks they are slightly heavier than advertised on Hawks (and everyone else's site) Website . They stack together better than the 3 pack helium sticks and I don't think I will have any issues with the sticks coming apart during a long walk. All in all I am very excited about them since I'm a run and gunner. I would give them 5 stars but the missing part and slightly heavier than advertised puts me at a 3.5 on the satisfaction . Cant wait till opening day.

6/25/2020 1:19 pm

Fantastic Sticks!

by Ivan

Great sticks for the price. They fit together flat and tight and the suction cups really hold the sticks together, no need to strap them together. The entire pack weighs in at 9 lbs without straps. Straps add another 1.5 lbs, but I use a rope mod so there's no added weight, maybe a few ounces. They're solid on the tree and with an aider can easily get up to 20 ft easily. Don't listen to the snowflakes who whine about small blemishes and hardware loose in the box. Those have nothing to do with the performance of the product. All hardware is solid and I"m coming from LW and Muddy pros. These Heliums are a game changer. And I'm just the average saddle hunter. Not sponsored by anyone to post this review and I bought this with my own money.

6/25/2020 10:50 pm

Nice present from the family

by Carson

Got some for a fathers day gift and I am impressed . I’ve been using lone wolfs for years but I think I like the way these stack together better.

7/14/2020 7:57 pm

Great climbing stick

by ethan

I'm very excited to try these sticks this season. Hardware was loose in the box, but all the pieces were there. They feel very solid when climbing trees. They really bite in even on harder bark. They pack together really nice, but they are difficult to pull apart and make noise when separated. I'm hoping they'll loosen up a little after some use. The paint seems to chip easy. Overall they seem like a good purchase especially for the price.

7/15/2020 10:06 pm

Lots of QC issues

by PL

The sticks received had numerous QC issues. Customer service at Mack's was excellent, but the product was not usable and given the volume of complaints on various hunting forums I will be reluctant to try this product again until a new line of production is available, unfortunately Hawk Hunting is taking zero accountability but mysteriously changed the weight on their website to 2.5 lbs after advertising 1.8 at the 2020 ATA show and on the box itself. I hope your experience is better. Also, is it possible Ivan above is a paid third party reviewer? He sure went through a lot to claim he was non-biased.

7/20/2020 2:55 pm

Helium Sticks

by Jody Smith

Hello, I am the category manager over this product. I would like to tell you thank you for the reviews and I have informed Hawk of these issues. I would like to let everyone know that my return rate on these sticks is about 6% at this time. This is about 3 times more than the average return rate of similar items. Most common issues is cracked male adapters that go in the suction cups, missing parts and bad drilling. They are slightly heavier than what they are advertised but all in all they are still a nice set of sticks. Please know if you buy these from Mack's and have any problem I will try my best to get you taken care of ASAP. I greatly appreciate your business and I hope everyone kills a big one this hunting season.

7/27/2020 9:51 am

3 Stars for Hawk 5 Stars for Mack's

by B Schultz

Received the sticks and although they are a great design Hawk appears to have forgotten about quality control. A step on one of the sticks would not fold down flat which seems to be an issue others have experienced. Hopefully Hawk will start to pay attention and correct this issue. I called Mack's and their customer service was excellent and they sent me a replacement step right away. Can't say I would fully recommend Hawk products given the quality issues but I would definitely recommend purchasing your gear from Mack's.

9/16/2020 6:52 pm

Cheap Platics

by Immanuel

Haven’t been out to hunt once and two of the suction cup knobs already broke off. Suction cups lock in so tight that pulling them apart causes the knobs to break.

9/21/2020 12:50 pm

Best steps I have used so far

by Gary

Have used these about six times already and really like them. Grips the tree great and I like the fact that the right and left steps are on the same level. Makes standing on them so much easier. These things do not move when they are on the tree. Highly stable. The suction cups hold together so well that its almost hard to break them apart when it comes time to separate them. Very easy to set up. I use them with my tree saddle and they are compact and quick to set up. Highly recommend them. The best steps I have used so far.

10/9/2020 10:45 am

Value, Suction cup system is a pain

by Rotor Head

• Priced for everyone.
• Double folding steps are quiet, smooth, have nice aggressive grip, and are so much nicer to work with than sing step systems.
• Feet are aggressive and grip trees well.
• Mini stick version is nicer for mobile hunting.
• Cam buckles are heavy and shiny. Recommend rope mod.
• Suction cup system is deceiving! Its secure and they attach nicely, but they do not come apart easily! Not practical in the woods! When they do separate, it is forceful and the screw ends scratch the enamel of the bottom stick!
• Hawk should use a more woods friendly enamel color.
• Hawk lies about the weight. They are heavier than advertised.

10/12/2020 7:10 am

Excellent, well designed & shipped complete with all parts

by Nate -

These sticks are excellent. I was particularly concerned with so many reviews stating that parts were missing. I just ordered these Sep 2020 and everything showed up perfectly to my door. All pieces worked perfectly, even packaged well.
The sticks themselves are superior in my opinion. I borrowed my buddies lone wolf climbing sticks last season and didn’t like the fact that they have only one step per side, and also that they don’t mount well together like these Hawk Helium’s do with their suction cup design.

10/30/2020 8:26 pm

Not as bad as most reviews, Still good sticks that do the job.

by David

Good sticks at a great sale price. I have a set of the original helium sticks that I did the 20" mod on. This 20" sticks save you the time of cutting down the 3 step stick. Ditch the stacking grommets and add amsteel daisy chain and the sticks are well under 2 lbs ea.

11/17/2020 7:50 pm

Great sticks. Weak plastic on them

by Cameron

First time putting these sticks into action today. 3 buttons broke off while separating them. Very disappointed as it was about 40 degrees, I would have not thought twice if it was well below freezing but it was far from it. Sticks still work fine to get in and out of the tree though.

11/21/2020 2:44 pm

Broke before I could use them

by John

Took these out in the field. Tried to get them apart and 2 of the male ends of the suction cups broke. Hadn't even had the chance to put them on a tree yet.

I got these over other options because I liked the suction cup connection system on my friends 2019 set of full size heliums. The suction cups on these are hard plastic unlike the rubber of last year's.

For $50 more you can get some Made in America Novix sticks. The savings on these just isn't worth it.

11/29/2020 5:17 pm

1.8 lbs these are 2.5 lbs each maybe 2.7 lbs with straps....

by 🇺🇸USMC 0341🇺🇸

This site says each stick is 1.8 lbs. I received the box and it says each stick is 2.5 lbs..?

I still like these for the 100$ price and pack ability in the thick East Texas woods my Hawk 30s just weren’t doing it.

I would like to say maybe each stick is 1.8 lbs without the metal buckle straps..

11/30/2020 7:22 pm


by Dan S

Don’t buy these, they do not show properly and good luck getting them apart without breaking the male connector piece. Got a replacement set from Hawk and broke them in 5 minutes trying to get them apart.

12/9/2020 7:59 am


by Hangin out

READ THIS BEFORE YOU USE THEM ! The only negative is that the cups that hold them together are way too tight and one broke immediately on separating them. You have to fix this yourself before attaching them together. The female cup has a lip around the inside of it that is not needed, With the lip there it is way too tight and will break the male ends. I put a grinding bit in my cordless drill and ground the lips off and now they work perfectly. You could use a razor and cut them off if you don’t have anything to grind them with. It’s an easy fix so don’t let it deter you from buying the sticks! I use my stand Leaned against the tree as my first step and then I have a double aider on my first stick. I have a single aider on my second stick and with just those two I can hang my stand around 16 foot or 19 foot with a third stick. They weigh 2,32 lb without the strap. I hope this helps.

12/16/2020 7:21 pm

Sticks work, stacking system does not. Poor CS

by Kenny

Love the sticks, buttons to stack them together are junk. Mid 30 degree temps and 7 of 8 are now broke after 4 uses.

No response from 2 customer service requests with Hawk (gsm) simply asking where I could purchase new buttons and how they intended to make it right.

I usually give 2 chances prior to trashing customer service or a product. Back to lone wolf or xop for me.

1/4/2021 9:04 pm

2 of the Male button broke

by Nick S

2 of the male button broke off on the first use. No response from Hawk customer service after 2 months. This could be a 3-4star review, but I gave it 1 because no response from Hawks customer service department on fixing the issue.

6/22/2021 6:17 pm

Great product

by Chris

Wow is all I can say I’m blown away how good these sticks are and they are super light. Big thanks to Mack’s prairie wings absolutely love shopping here