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Hardy Face Paint - Black

Hardy Face Paint - Black



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Whether waiting in the shade of trees, stealthily moving through brush, or hiding out in ground blind, creating reliable and effective camouflage is imperative. Using a facemask or head net can quickly become uncomfortably warm or claustrophobic, impair hearing and peripheral vision, or even affect your anchor point.

Face paint can allow for the highest level of comfort without obscuring your senses or hindering your technique. The versatility of paint also allows you to truly match your terrain for more authentic and effective concealment. However, many paints on the market are heavy, greasy, toxic, messy, and difficult to use. We are avid and committed hunters just like you, so we know first hand the importance of quality camouflage products.

That’s why we’ve created HARDY FACEPAINTS to allow you to experience freedom from the facemask without dealing with the common drawbacks of face paint. Our non-greasy, water-based formula is smudge-proof, water and sweat resistant, lightweight, and fast drying. Engineered with FDA approved ingredients, HARDY FACEPAINTS are safe and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.

Use the mess-free brush wand for easy application, and then remove just as easily with a moist towel. Try each of the three versatile shades offered in a convenient pocket size. Our scent-free black paint is also ideal for use as athletic eye black.

We guarantee that once you hunt with HARDY FACEPAINTS, you’ll never hunt without them again.

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    6/3/2017 12:37 pm

    Best Camo Face Paint!!

    by Duck Hunter

    Best Camo face paint on the market. No smudge, water based, not grease based, sweat resistant, rain resistant and applicator included in each tube, so no messy hands. Best part is its easy to remove with no harsh scrubbing no skin staining, and does not make my face breakout! Great product and now lifetime customer!

    6/3/2017 12:58 pm

    Great product!

    by Jake

    Hands down best face paint. Got rained on all day and the paint stayed right where I put it. Taking it off was a breeze, leaving no residue. Great product!

    6/3/2017 2:07 pm

    Good stuff!

    by Will K

    Best face paint on the market. Easy on, stays on, but easy to get off. No smears, no oils, just good face paint!

    6/3/2017 2:41 pm

    best face paint ever!!

    by nicky whitney

    Love this face paint. I'm from the south where it is hot and you sweat. A lot. I don't ever have to worry about it rubbing off or smearing and it lasts the entire time I'm out hunting. Super easy to apply and goes on smooth. Best face paint I've tried, hands down!

    6/3/2017 6:35 pm

    The BEST!

    by Nock and Release

    If your looking for a facepaint that doesn't smear and isn't hard to get off then get hardy facepaint!!!!!!! Hands down the best face paint on the market!

    6/3/2017 7:55 pm

    Best out there

    by Justin

    This product is by far the best face paint on the market. Easy application and removal. I have two young boys with sensitive skin and it's hard to find anything that they don't have a reaction to. Works great from the swamps of Florida to the Colorado mountains. No oily mess like others.

    6/3/2017 8:03 pm

    No product comes close !

    by Justin

    Best face paint on the market by far. Easy application and remove. Also doesn't run or smear like oil based face paints. I have two young boys with sensitive skin and it's hard for me to find products for them. Hardy face paint works great and doubles as eye black for them during baseball season.

    6/3/2017 11:01 pm

    The best handsdown

    by Charlie Hatch

    It is so good, it does not smear I paid $30 for some other face paint and it is trash. I bought this for $10 and it is so much better. Defiantly a must have for 17-18 duck season.

    6/4/2017 9:44 am

    Best facepaint on the market.

    by Chad Myers

    This is the best facepaint on the narket. Easy application with no runs, smears or skin irritation to your skin. I have kids with allergies and sensitive skin and this is the only facepaint that doesn't bother there skin. Easy removal with little to no effort. Give this paint a try you will not be disappointed.

    6/4/2017 9:48 am

    Doesn't smear, and sweat resistant. Great product!

    by Justin

    As an avid hunter and a family man, the last thing I want to do is spend $5-$10 on face paint that doesn't stand the test of hunting in the Texas heat and humidity. I've personally tried many and this is by far the best face paint I've ever used.
    <br>As a product tester for Hunting Product Guru, I've left my tubes in the truck, I've left it in my pack in the garage, and kept in climate controlled areas - still works and will withstand all hunting conditions I've been in. You'll have to give it a good scrub to get it off but nothing that I am not willing to do. When I'm hunting, it never fails that my nose itches. Other face paints will easily rub off, but not hardy face paint.
    <br>Really pleased with this product and although I was given my tube by a buddy, I wasn't paid in anyway to say this. Thoroughly enjoy great products!

    6/4/2017 11:53 am

    Best Face Paint On The Market!

    by Haley H

    Awesome face pant! Non-greasy & goes on smooth. Stays put and washes off easily when you're ready for removal. Used it this season turkey hunting and was very pleased. Will be purchasing more.

    6/4/2017 8:03 pm

    Best face paint on the market

    by Russell H

    If you're like me and hate having a thick hot face mask on that you're either sweating through or chapping your lips in the cold. Hardy face paint by far is the best product out there. It is easy to put on (has a built in applicator) and washs off even easier. Iv worn it hunting turkeys in South Carolina in 90 degree heat and humidity and it stays on from sun up to down and then a light wash with soap and water and it's gone. This stuff is the real deal. Don't heaistate.