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Happy Herd Persimmon CoatALL 32oz

Happy Herd Persimmon CoatALL 32oz

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Happy Herd Persimmon CoatALL 32oz 

An extremely concentrated blend of extracts taken straight from the wild persimmon. DON’T BE FOOLED… “When the results speak … LISTEN!” CAUTION: SUPER CONCENTRATED…DOES NOT TAKE A LOT 

 Application: Simply spray your feed or minerals with your Coat “ALL” flavor of choice. Top coat, stir around and top coat again. Spray the outer area of the minerals and feed assuring the deer, bear or hogs will step into the oil-base attractant, taking the attractant with them when they leave the site. Other Animals cross their paths and seek out the site for themselves. This is the true secret of the Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc. Coat “ALL”. TESTED AND PROVEN!!! 

If you are not using Happy Herd Coat “ALL”, you better hope your neighbor isn’t either!!! When the Herd comes, the Herd STAYS!!

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