Higdon XS Splashing Flasher 12V Mallard Drake Motion Decoy with Timer

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Higdon XS Splashing Flasher Mallard Drake 12V with Timer. It splashes, it flashes - all simultaneously. This combination of wing movement and water motion is deadly. Unit has a built-in digital timer that surges a spray of water intermittently up against the rotating wings which perfectly simulates a duck stretching its wings. Photo printed wings on the top side for realism. Textured float to help blend in with the natural mud color of water. Along with others in the XS line it includes the newer and smaller 12V lithium ion battery reducing overall size and weight that sits recessed within the decoy body. Recommended water depth is water as shallow as 10 inches. Anti-flipping device included for high winds situations.

Remote/receiver compatible (sold separately). External quick-charge port. Runtime: 7hrs. Fast recharge time of 3 hours. An additional battery can be added (sold separately) that will double the battery life. Package contents: decoy, battery, charger and operating instructions.
  • 29.25 Inches hammer to top of head
  • 15.5 Inches hammer to base
  • 12.5 circumference floating base
  • 130.69 oz. w/ body, base, hammer, pump and wings attached
  • 29.375 inch wingspan
A percentage of your purchase will go to Ducks Unlimited to help with their efforts for wetland conservation.
7/24/2017 3:24 pm

Perfect amount of motion for your hunt

by Eric V

Could not be happier. This spasher give the perfect amount of realism. Because it is on a timer the wings spin at intervals so it has the feel of a bird taking off or just stretching its wings. The weight on the wings allow them to always have white side down. I would not hunt with out it.

7/26/2017 11:55 am


by Seth

The Splashing Flasher has been an incredible decoy of impact for duck hunters. With now the new XS System, this decoy is worth the investment.

10/31/2017 8:12 am

Bathtub fun

by Jacob -

This thing works great in the bathtub! Can't wait for season when I try it in my spread. Seems to be made well.

4/30/2018 4:29 pm

Best of the spinners

by Terry

Used this last season worked great.With the counter weight you can use it on windy days.A must have for your spread.

12/1/2018 4:57 pm

99% Great

by Steve

Works great with weather not too cold. Tends to freeze a lot with the splashier on below 25 degrees. I have an older model which I removed the splashing part and just use the flasher. It will work under water I have seen it, upside down I guess would be a better description. I even forgot to pick it up one morning and the next morning it was still running about twenty yards from were I put it out. Only one down side, Parts. We need to be able to order the tiny fuses for the inline fuse cable, and the weights for the wings are not available either. Needless to say I had issues with both only because I use it so much. I'm sure you can order wings but the other two items keep it working. I will still get another one, but I hope some one takes note on the parts issue. I don't want to spend 160.00 dollars to replace it just a simple part will be fine. Thanks.

11/6/2019 9:48 pm

Just Out of the Box

by Hoosier Waterfowler

All parts arrived in good order. I was a little surprised at the lack of di-electric grease on all of the connections. Added some leftover di-electric grease to prevent any potential issues. Come on Higdon! It takes a little while to assemble, but the directions sped assembly right along. (Great pictures!) Another potential issue was the wing motor wires were touching the armature for the wing attachment. A few pieces of strategically placed tape solved this issue. I can understand how a few unlucky soles had theirs stop working, shortly after purchase. Wires rubbing on moving parts is simply sloppy assembly and will eventually lead to a short. It is reassuring to know Higdon stands behind their products with a 6-month warranty. Tested it out in the tub, and everything worked flawlessly. Had to drop a star off due to the rubbing wires, but the true test will be this weekend. Sub 30-degree temps, with winds in the high teens. Will update, IF I have any issues.

1/23/2020 4:38 pm

Spend your money on a better decoy

by Tom

I have Mojo decoys more six years old that still work fine. This decoy didn't make it through one season before it stopped working. I've had good luck with Higdon's Pulsator decoys; however, their Flasher decoys are complete junk.

2/2/2020 9:25 pm

Save $$ buy flasher ONLY.

by Hoosier Waterfowler

Used for first full season in 2019. Splashing feature failed to pull fliers to with in shooting distance. It did appear to agitate the drakes. Paired with a jerk rig it pulled all swimmers into shooting range. Save your money and only buy the flasher!!!

12/1/2021 12:11 pm

poor quality

by KB

I have owned Higdon deke's for 20 years as well as the butt feeders for almost 20 years . I bought this piece of junk 4 years ago. It came with the wiring harness broken and the motor was not attached to the internal frame. JB welded the motor in place and Higdon did send me a new harness. This season all the wiring has failed due to cold, both litheum battery wires are broken, now worthless. The harness wires have broken in 2 places. The wiring isn't heavy enough to stand cold weather hunting. I would never buy this again

1/11/2023 10:42 am

DucK MaGneT

by Pathfinder

Good product, slung a wing weight off first day, be sure to check the tightness of them before using. Other than that works good. Ducks work them, more natural look than a constant running Robo .

9/21/2023 11:28 am

Buying two more

by Brett Baker

Bought one of these last year when i was walking around macks. By far one of the best motion decoys I’ve used in a while. On a sunny calm day, this thing piles ducks up