Higdon XS Battleship Swimmer Mallard Duck Decoy

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Higdon XS Battleship Swimmer Mallard. Higdon's Swimmer decoys create the most realistic motion and ripple in your spread possible. Simply attach a decoy-cord and weight and drop into the water for a quick set-up. Decoy is powered by the included internal 12V lithium ion battery and timer that is built within the decoy housing that swims the decoy intermittently. This swimming motion naturally creates added realism to your set-up.

The XS Swimmer decoy design has the battery and timer within the decoys housing which eliminates a traditional battery box attachment. Lithium Ion batteries are more durable, smaller and lighter in weight and are longer lasting versus the traditional lead acid batteries. No external battery box means less bulk and less weight.

A single XS Swimmer decoy can fit into most slotted decoy bags for easy transport. Recommended water depth is water as shallow as 1 foot of water. Runtime: 7hrs. Fast recharge time of 6 hours.

Package contents: decoy with attached 750GPH bilge pump, battery and timer pre-installed within the internal battery box, charger and operating instructions. A percentage of your purchase will go to Ducks Unlimited to help with their efforts for wetland conservation.
7/26/2017 11:50 am


by Seth

With the new XS system, the swimmer is a dynamic decoy for the spread.

1/3/2018 9:34 am

GOTTA have it

by Duckdctr

Works in all conditions. From zero up. as long as the hole isnt frozen these a killer. Super realistic motion and a great way to add motion on any day.

1/1/2019 9:16 pm

Even the Skittish birds drop in without question!

by ET2Peters

These things are amazing! A MUST for anyone hunting wary birds! Even the most skittish birds will dive bomb these things! Say goodbye to the endless mallard circling, they don't even question these things!

2/5/2020 3:15 am

Good buy

by Pool Master

Great Product

8/30/2020 5:18 pm

Make sure to seal it up!!!!

by Josh

Great setup but higdon slacked on most important part that being sealing it up. I have quite a few of these some lasting only 1 season then have to buy new $30 battery etc bc water getting into battery box. I’ve gone back and sealed them up underneath around the outside access plate and all the connections inside battery box with Star Brite liquid electrical Tape and have worked just fine. I’m giving a 3 star bc I shouldn’t have to finish what they started.

8/3/2021 8:15 pm

Packaging Problem

by Bunky

Just got this delivered. Spent 1 1/2 hours getting hundreds of loose styrofoam beads off the decoy and out of connection receptacles. The clear flexible tube has some sort of adhesive surface and had to use pen knife and slender screwdriver to scrape off beads glued to it. Oh, and the tube carrying water from the pump was full, too. Had to take tube off to clear. There were no dents or scrapes on the delivery box and yet the decoy moved around enough to make hundreds of static cling beads. I think the decoy will work just. Anyone else had this happen?

1/12/2022 8:28 pm

Great addition

by Britton Crawford

I love these decoys. On dead days these decoys really liven up your spread to draw in weary ducks.

1/22/2023 6:50 pm

Buyer beware

by Steve

I’ve been using every robotic decoy made, for the last 20 years all over the Chesapeake Bay and rivers, this swimmer looks great but it’s designed for freshwater only. Brackish and saltwater- it’s trash.
The terminals connecting the battery box to the sump pump are slightly exposed allowing terminals to get corrosion, after 24 hours of use (four 8hr hunts) the terminals turn to jelly and fall apart.
This decoy needs zinc plates and don’t forget dielectric grease for any of these Higdon models.
Frustrating to spend 180 bucks on crap like this.

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