GHG Pro Grade Fully Flocked Elite Mallard Duck Decoys Active 6 Pack

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GHG Pro-Grade FFD Elite Mallard Duck Decoys - Active 6 Pack.  So Buttery soft, these Dekes churn results. Features innovative feather-like flocking on a highly durable Pro Grade Decoy. Born of breath-through technologies, this flocking is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. Pairing detail and durability renders a power decoy with finishing finesse.

Active Pack Includes: 2 Swivel Head Drakes / 2 Swivel Head Hens / 2 Active Drakes.

60/40 weighted DuraKeels
Measures 14”-20”.

These are the decoys that started the “realism revolution” in duck decoys.  Before then, decoys didn’t really resemble the ducks they were trying to imitate.  Avery GHG changed all that by using World Champion carvers to replicate the bodies with precision and professional artists to paint the feather detail to perfection.  GHG has the most extensive line of decoys on the market, covering a wide range of puddle ducks, diving ducks, and sea ducks.  Full bodied decoys are available for field use as well in mallard and pintail varieties.  Whether you need a big spread of over-sized decoys on open water or a small set in a backwater slough we have the decoys for you.

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

2/2/2021 1:51 pm

Swivel Heads are Poor Quality

by kurt

Purchased these decoys and was pleased with the look and flocking quality. Two decoys have stationary heads , 4 have swivel heads. I could not get the swivel heads on. Pushed on them for all I was worth, no go. Called the company and was told I would have to sand the insert opening to get the heads to go on. Why am I doing this? Sanded number one down and the head finally pushed on. Without much force you could pop the head off. Seems like if you don't take care in transporting and placing out you're going to be searching for the heads in the dark. I have no interest in the return hassle and getting the same problem again so here's my solution. Sand them, apply marine 5200, and fit the head on in the direction you like and call it a day. Think they should stick with the permanent heads unless they can come up with a better head.

12/3/2021 12:34 pm

I would pass on these

by Tom Pond

These are junk, no matter how hard you try, the heads will not stay on. When the heads fall off they sink because there is a hole in them. Forget about tossing them from your boat before sun up. You have to go to the vendor for support as well

3/6/2023 6:35 pm

A better edge on the competition

by Ted

Excellent looking decoys . Have hunted over them several times . Great for sunny days & weary birds.