GHG Over Size Coot Duck Decoys 6 Pack

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GHG Over Size Coot Duck Decoys

  • 6 decoys
  • Drakes measure 14 x 7 inches
  • 60/40 keels
  • Larger for better visibility

C'mon you old coot! Take a look at these GHG Over Size Coot Duck Decoys! Molded from original world-class carvings and produced with intricate feather detail and anatomic perfection. After the meticulous true-to-life paint jobs are applied the results are some of the most remarkably realistic decoys available today.

The high-density polyethylene construction combines the best of both worlds -- incredible durability and lightweight carrying ease. Permanent GHG Dura-Keel weighted keels make these decoys ideal for use in a field or perimeter spread and ensure they self-right and ride flawlessly in the water.

You may get teased mercilessly by your friends if you add water chickens to your spread but coot decoys are good confidence decoys.

Coots often mix with flocks of puddle ducks eating vegetation and bugs stirred up by dabblers such as pintails widgeons gadwalls and mallards. To a lesser extent they also attend flocks of redheads canvasbacks ring-necked ducks and other divers. Whenever coots are in the area you're hunting you might want to consider setting at least a dozen coot decoys out to the side of your duck decoys.

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    5/8/2017 9:55 am

    My husband loves them

    by Verified Customer -

    He was very happy with them and he loves how they look .

    5/8/2017 9:55 am

    Defiantly over sized for florida.

    by Verified Customer -

    Ok for a coot decoy. A little pricey and a little large but you don't have too many options for coots. They do look good and work well.

    5/8/2017 9:55 am

    Really good stuff. i hunt in florida on the public refuges. coots are abundant . need coots !

    by Verified Customer -


    5/8/2017 9:55 am

    Love them? Need them

    by Verified Customer -

    Like them better than g&h. Coastal waters need them

    5/8/2017 9:55 am

    Good looking decoy, seems to be built well. We will hunt over them in december

    by Verified Customer -

    Reasonable cost

    5/10/2017 1:39 pm

    Great decoy

    by Verified Customer -

    Yeah. It's good for the looks and price.

    6/19/2020 1:08 pm

    Magnum drake coot decoys

    by SCOTT

    Huge coot decoys. 50% larger than others I have. Thjnk the high sides are going to give more movement. I like to buy different manufacturers' decoys to get different body and head positions. This is the Hunter model. Understand that the pro version has different head positions and are life-sized. Larger bodies of water around us always have mallards working in the coot rafts.

    8/29/2023 11:43 am

    Great decoys!

    by Steven Krahn

    I really liked the decoys, they are well made and the paint is exceptional. I would suggest that they be shipped with some type of beak protector because on both boxes, the beak tore holes in the side of the box and damaged the beaks of 2 of the decoys in each box. Maybe turn them around in the box to prevent the beaks from breaking through the cardboard during shipping?