FlexFlite Canada Goose Full Body Decoy With FlexFlite Heads 4 Pack

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The new Flex-flite Goose 4 pack is the first of its kind. Now you no longer have to decide on what head postures to buy. The new flex-flite full body 4 pack offers a patent pending flocked neck technology that allows you to put your decoys neck and head in any natural posture that you desire. From a field full of early season geese feeding, to a late season field full of sleepers-the flex-flite patent pending technology allows you to change your spread with a simple twist of the neck. The flex-flite goose comes with a removable and washable flocked neck sleeve to give even more of a true to nature look in the field Flex-flite offers a unique FTP Technology (feather tracking paint) This process allows us to give a true to life paint look that will lure even the most pressured birds to your spread. 

The flex flite goose is offered with 4 heads with unlimited posture technology, 4 bodies, 4 ring bases

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

12/12/2021 9:50 am


by Nolan

Decoys look good other then when I unboxed them rhe bodies were all scuffed up and missing paint!

8/26/2022 7:00 pm

Great value for the price.

by Eli

These decoys were affordable options for my first dozen full body geese and I'm not complaining for the price! The one issue I have is due to the position where the heads attach I cannot achieve a realistic feeder position. Anything upright looks great but I am leaning hard on my silos to look hungry. The paint job is a little bland but acceptable and I'm looking forward to hunting over them this fall 2022.

10/26/2022 9:29 am

Bad idea, bad execution

by Teampato

I paid the $59.99 price and it was too much! Not going to ship them back, but I can't believe someone thought they could make this product and sell it. Explains price decrease. Will use this four in the spread, but if your wanting to buy them wait until around $4.50 a piece.

11/1/2022 4:51 pm

not good

by Braydan Cauwels

I bought a dozen of these and i’m not very happy. the paint chips off if you barely touch them and there head will not go in a feeder position at all. also the screws that hold the stand on come out after the first time using them.

11/17/2022 8:46 am

Best bang for your buck

by Matt

For the price point these decoys seem great to me, I have 8 total and wouldn't give them back for double the money!

Cons: The paint does come off easy but just spend $9 on a flat finish clear coat, doofus. It's worth it. They aren't very packable, and the heads don't really make a good feeder or resting position.

Pros: The movement is fantastic in a slight breeze, Don't use the strap on the bottom of the decoy.. just sit on the stand without the strap and walk away. The heads honestly look really good, if geese are close enough to tell something is wrong with the heads you should have already been shooting. Paint color is decent, price is fantastic for a full body that you should be able to kill over.

Mods - flat finish clear coat will toughen them up and protect paint, use clear nail polish on the eyes, spray paint the stand base a flat brown. For very little work you can improve these in to great decoys at a phenomenal price.

11/17/2022 6:52 pm

Nice decoys

by RL

Worth every cent. Just as nice as any of my expensive decoys. I'm buying more