Duck Moss Geaux Dux Motion Decoy System

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We have re designed the joints in the stand. Much stronger.. no breaks now…
The extra bar is designed as a "kickstand" to help hold the motor box weight at the set level… holds the motor to the fixed depth of water better

The Duck Moss Geaux Dux Motion Decoy System is a mobile, self contained, underwater motor box that can move 12-15 decoys for up to 18 hours. A 12V 7A rechargeable SLA battery {included} drives the torque motor with a remote on/off feature. The Geaux Dux can operate in 10"-30" of water. You can deploy a different array of decoys with each time you set up. Use three arms, two arms or just one. You choose how many decoys per arm and how many arms. With these variable options, it will be difficult for the ducks develop decoy shyness seen with other motion decoys.
  • Move the decoys you already have
  • Moves 12 or more duck decoys
  • Completely mobile with quick set up
  • Configures to a variety of duck decoy arrangements
  • Adjusts quickly to any wading depth
  • Remote control on/off
  • Recharging plug
  • 500+ charges
  • 18 hrs continuous motion 
10/5/2019 12:14 pm

Great product. Not the easiest to use. Some flaws.

by Duckman82

Used for the first time this morning 10-5 for a youth hunt.... Excellent motion making the spread look more life like!!! Will definitely be worth the hassle to set up each day. Not the easiest to use though. So the first problem I encountered was that you can not in any way get the screws tight enough on the top or bottom to keep the unit straight up and down. I am a big strong guy and it just isn’t happening. Not sure to fix it but I have shortly under a month do so. Tricky to get it in the ground and have one of the two connetion point fold on you. Second thing is you need to make sure all the plastic caps are tightened down.... first decoy this morning... sent the end attachment flying about 10 yards and when you’re in water, if it don’t float, it’s gone. So now the hunt begins for replacing parts after first use. First use so I’m sure there was some operator error. Great concept and easy motion!! Just got kinks to work out and parts to find

10/30/2019 7:18 pm

Sub Par construction

by Patrick -

The most poor-quality hunting product I have ever purchased. I am not the guy that just rushes to write bad reviews. But this needs to be known about this product. Everything the other reviewer noted was correct. The nobs can’t be tightened down to make the unit rigid. It will not support itself. When I received mine, the paint was chipping off and there was rust underneath the paint. When I deployed it for the first time, the spike bracket on the bottom completely broke off. The weld wasn't even what you could consider a tack. The rubber tubes that bungee around the keel of the decoy pop right out of the compression fitting and the compression fitting ends up getting lost. Lastly, it only lasted about two hours on a fresh charge before it started slowing down considerably. Its a great concept, and I really want it to work. But I feel the company rushed the release before they had all the kinks worked out. I really hope Macks and Duck Moss make this right. I want a working unit.

11/19/2019 1:58 pm

Unuseable out of the box

by Justin

This is a neat setup and I look for ward to using it. Unfortunately it is unusable out of the box. The shock cords were not glued into the part that screws into the spreader, I'll fix that with JB Weld. The articulating unit will not support its own weight without collapsing. I'm going to have to purchase bolts and nuts to make it work. There is a video on some of these shortcomings in the description, but I'm at a loss why after paying full price for this unit I have to buy parts to make it work? I hope there was some quality control that went into the sealed box containing the battery and electronics. I hope I don't have to open it up to find out. I do give credit for innovation and I hope they get these small issues worked out prior to shipping other units....or just supply the hardware when shipping.

11/27/2019 10:29 pm

Not worth the money

by Kevin Peters

It’s a great concept but the quality of the supports are extremely sub-par. First time using it, I went to pull it out of the mud and the bracket that holds the stakes to the battery completely broke off. I had to weld a new bracket to the base of the battery mount.

11/29/2019 9:42 pm

Ugh. I may have made a mistake.

by Duckman82

Follow up on my first review..My first one was sent back because on the second hunt, like another buyer, my stake end broke also. Not very durable and had missing parts as explained in previous review due to them coming off during first hunt. I have used the second one twice with not much luck either. The top rotating piece won’t stay tight on the spinning rod so I end up with a not very natural looking clump of decoys. The rod just spins inside of the connected piece. Also, some of the rubber tubing is already splitting. Just 2 hunts. I too want this unit to be as good as advertised because the concept again is awesome, but my hopes are fading fast. I love Macks and their service is second to none. Gonna try this unit one more time and I hope after having tinkered with it that it'll work better. Good luck and KILL ‘EM.

12/13/2019 4:11 pm

Poor quality

by David

Extremely poor construction. Stake broke in half first time hunting and key fab would no longer start and stop machine.

12/15/2019 9:47 pm

Needs work!

by Canada

As stated it’s unusable out of the box . You need to cut off The adjustable screw knobs they cannot be tightened ! The unit just falls over unless you just set it on the bottom with no stand in 8-10 inches of water. I made a cement based stand that’s adjustable using 1 inch square tubing. Mine also had rust eating through the paint . With a lot of modifications it works well. The one nice thing I will say about it is , if it hangs up on a stick or something the motor does not strip . Mack’s customer service was excellent!

12/19/2019 7:53 pm


by Paul

Great idea, love the motion

12/19/2019 7:54 pm

Great motion

by Robert

The most realistic motion that’s out there.

12/27/2019 3:24 pm

Duck Moss

by Will F.

Worked great. Ducks literally tried to land on it

12/27/2019 3:28 pm


by DuckSlayer42

Talk to the guys in the store, they were very helpful. Hunted with it the next day. It was a slow day and not much wind but man this thing added so much motions and realism. I would definitely recommend this item. Not to mention the company has great customer service.

12/27/2019 3:30 pm


by Todd

Only problem I had was a bad charger but they sent a new one with in a two days I was in the field.

12/27/2019 3:33 pm

Turkey Leg Guide Service

by Turkey Leg Guide Service

I run a guide service and have been duck hunting for 20+ years. I absolutely love this product. Total game changer on late season birds. Adds tons of confidence and natural motion.

12/29/2019 9:17 am

Great idea, poor execution.

by Joe

Great idea, poor execution. Loved the way it looks when properly set up. Broke two stakes in two hunts. Broke replacement stake on first use. We rigged a pvc pipe, put a screw in it to hold battery in place and that seems to work fine.

2/28/2020 11:03 pm

Kill more ducks

by Zach

Great product only bad part of it is the bolts wont stay tight and the ends need to be glued on the support poles. Other than that ducks come in great for a closer look.

10/19/2020 6:18 pm

Great idea but needs a engineering revision.

by Bryce

It’s a great idea but, I had to make my own stand because the one that comes with it is junk. for me and from what I have read from others it’s breaks the first time it’s used. Honestly the company that sells these needs to send improved replacement stands to replace the originals to all those who have already bought them.

10/12/2021 11:44 am


by Dave

Haven’t used it yet, but first set up out of the box it looks like a cheaply made very poor design. The leg joints don’t lock into each other tightly causing the them to slip, which puts the power unit out of level, making the arms uneven. I’m predicting set up of this thing to be a fight in the water. The idea is great, but it needs a lot of redesigning. If the leg pieces had teeth at the joints that would help a lot. The top hub is thin plastic. I don’t see it lasting long on a cold day when it gets thrown into a boat. Maybe with some use I’ll get better with it, but I’m disappointed with what I’m seeing so far.

11/3/2021 9:57 pm

Don't buy

by Chris -

Absolutely awful. Had to make so many modifications to it just to even get to test it out in a small pond. After it was all said and done, it was at best something that might last one season. The poles will break. The bungee strings will stretch out. The caps come unscrewed easily. I wanted this to work so bad, but it won't

11/29/2021 10:25 am

Good idea poor execution

by Tyler

Great concept and good motion but quality is lacking, we had to completely build a new pole and bracket system to make this useable, the one it came with broke first use

12/27/2021 9:28 pm


by Cburm

Works great and really adds tons of motion. Bought two and now I’ve bought two more. Will say it needs to be handled with care. But I don’t know any motion decoy that doesn’t. Wouldn’t recommend for public land use, due to handling in and out everyday. Also love that there are now wires and how easy it is to set up. By far the best motion decoy Ive bought and for the price compared to all other motion decoys you cant beat it.

11/6/2022 4:00 pm

Don’t waste your time and hard earned money!

by Tim

Got this as a Christmas gift last year from my fiancé. I practically begged her for it because I thought it was genius. I was stoked to use it this year… FIRST hunt, the plastic on the bolts all broke off (literally crumbled apart) before it was even close to being tightened. SECOND hunt this morning, went to set it up in nice soft mud (I was sinking into the mud). Couldn’t get the bolts to tighten up again (already knew that was going to be an issue, came prepared). Pushed the spikes into the mud and the square tubing shaft snapped right above the joint. Literally TWO hunts! And now it’s broken. I now have to fabricate my own stand in order to use it.

Great idea… poor ingenuity, material, and craftsmanship. Not worth the money for the amount of problems it has. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy it. Don’t let your hunt be ruined like mine was.

Beyond disappointed.

1/23/2023 9:23 am

Great idea from a terrible company

by Jimmy

This seems to be a good concept and if everything was quality, it would be awesome. The instructions for assembly are complete junk and no you tube help with assembly. I dropped my remote in water because the clip doesn’t work correctly. There is no way to find a new remote. Macs doesn’t sell them on Duck Moss company has no way to contact them. The unit doesn’t operate without it so you are just screwed. You just have to go buy a whole new system. Everything comes apart as well. You have to baby everything and be gentle. Another example of a great idea by an under funded company. Macs should be ashamed to sell a product and offer no support. I called Mac’s and they didn’t even have a legitimate contact for the Duck Moss company that makes it. Don’t buy this product because you will love it until you need to replace a part and there is no support at all. You are S.O.L as they say.

12/8/2023 6:23 pm

Broke first setup

by Will

Cool product like how it spins and adds realism to spread but 1 of the bungee inside rod broke the fist time I put it together so down to 2 rods kinda lame