Drake MST Eqwader Deluxe Quarter Zip Pullover

Drake MST Eqwader Deluxe Quarter Zip Pullover


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The MST Eqwader Deluxe Quarter Zip Pullover by Drake is the best of both worlds. With Instinctive features found exclusively on Drake hunting jackets this fleece lined quarter zip is the best in its field. Adjustable neoprene cuffs and a removable hood guarantees comfort in all but the harshest conditions. Heat-Escape Vents were added to regulate body temperature when things begin to heat up. 

Eqwader technology revolutionized waterfowl clothing and has been a core piece of the Drake Waterfowl brand since day one. Just like the Earth's equator is the dividing line between two distinct temperate zones we noticed a similar dividing line on the body when you are wearing chest waders: cold hostile conditions above the waders and warm humid conditions underneath the waders. The unique combination of waterproof/breathable fabric on the sleeves and upper body matched with ultra-breathable fleece on the lower body introduced a whole new level of comfort and performance when wearing chest waders. The moisture-wicking fleece on the lower torso is 15 times more breathable than the upper waterproof material and works to prevent the build-up of perspiration and moisture vapor. These dual zones of protection keep you dry both inside and outside your waders.

  • Deep Water Handwarmer Pockets: Strategically located high on the chest these fleece-lined pockets keep your hands warm and dry when wearing waders in deep water. Angled for easy entrance and a quick exit the pockets also allow you to comfortably rest your arms between flights of ducks.
  • License or Key Pouch: This is a secure vertical breast pocket that zippers tight for storing licenses permits and keys with enough extra room for a cell phone high and dry with absolute security.
  • Magnetic Chest Call Pouch: Secured with an exclusive magnetic clasp this unique vertical pocket allows you to quickly stow your calls when not in use yet makes them instantly available when needed.

MST- Mid Season Technology - FLEECE-LINED As every waterfowler knows you can face days that are hot and days that are frigidly cold and even run across the occasional rain storm. It is not too hard to decide on what to wear on those days but what about those in-between days when the temps fluctuate dramatically? Drake Waterfowl Systems proves their innovation and understanding of the hard-core waterfowler's needs with their MST Series. The Drake Waterfowl MST Series is comprised of a multitude of windproof waterproof breathable items that have a 200 gram Fleece Lining. These items are designed to be worn when the temperatures can range from 20 to 45 degrees without the need of layering which reduces bulk. MST can also be combined with our underwear to obtain your ideal comfort zone. With a variety of underwear weights you have a complete SYSTEM for staying comfortable throughout the hunting season.

HyperShield Technology - Laminated to Refuge HS outerwear fabric HyperShield Technology guarantees protection from the elements. HyperShield is an impenetrable membrane that blocks out external wind and rain yet allows internal moisture vapors to escape. To add to the waterproof capabilities of HyperShield Technology Drake has added an external water-repellant finish and seam-tape all the seams on all of our clothing as two more fail-safes to keep hunters dry as a bone.

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Great Jacket


This is the prefect waterfowl jacket when your hunting in waders. I've had this on in down pours and snow storms. This jacket is made for what waterfowlers face through out the season, year after year.