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Drake MST Eqwader 2.0 Insulated Breathable Wader - Regular

Drake MST Eqwader 2.0 Insulated Breathable Wader - Regular

SKU: DRW8202-BOT-10R

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Looking back waterfowl wading gear has come a LONG way from the time of heavy rubber and canvas through the years of bulky thick neoprene...to the tough and incredibly lightweight three-layer synthetic materials of today. Now hunters can expect the NEW Drake 2.0 Breathable Insulated Wading System to be MORE rugged and comfortable than ANY chest wader they have EVER worn in the past. The No-Buckle straps are adjustable on both the front and the back of the shoulder. The hand warmer is located Against-The-Body inside the 300-gram Poly Insulation bib and the large front cargo pouch has a vertical license/key pocket with a waterproof zipper. Ammo fits nicely into horizontal shell loops and there's a vertical call pocket with Magnattach. Warm boots have felt insoles 1200-gram Thinsulate insulation and reinforced knee pads with Hydro-Flex for easy movement.

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5/31/2017 10:19 am

Most comfortable waders for me in 40 years of waterfowling!


These waders are the most comfortable waders I have ever owned. I have used hip boots, neoprene and breathable chest and waist high waders for over 40 years. These are not only comfortable they are warm! It is the end of the season here in central Washington and temperatures have been in the teens and mid-twenties and all I have been wearing under these waders have been heavy-weight long underwear. Yesterday we were hunting the edge of a pond in layout blinds on ice and snow and I did not get cold. They seem well made and I hope that I get good service for a good few year from these waders. My only reservation so far, I am not sure that I like the strap system, velcro versus buckles, but time will tell.

5/31/2017 10:19 am

As comfortable as putting on a pair of jogging pants

by Brandon T.

These are easy to slide on and off, lightweight and make the burden of waders a distant memory. They are worth every penny and more. The boot sizes run a little wider than normal so best to try on a pair before ordering online.

5/31/2017 10:49 am

Great Product

by Hunter

Best waders I've ever owned

6/29/2017 2:50 pm

Comfortable Waders

by Ruben Garza Jr

Very comfortable waders. Keeps you warm and dry. Highly recommend it.

11/7/2017 11:03 am

Suspender design is B. A. D. - don't buy.

by Taylor

The waders keep you dry, but the velcro closure on the suspenders is a horrible design. Why not have a quick release buckle?? The stitching on the velcro is week which makes the small velcro squares tear off. It's like the person who designed these never actually put on a pair of waders, let alone used them on a hunt.

11/17/2017 10:48 am

Great Drake product

by TJ

As warm and more comfortable than any neoprene wader I’ve worn. Easy to layer underneath if desired and not cause mobility issues. Not a huge fan of the straps being Velcro only with no buckle. I assume this is done to help shoulder a shotgun. Does run large. I wore an 11 reg in neo waders and the 10reg in these are still a little big on me. I’m 6’ 190lbs

12/28/2017 2:08 pm

Not tough enough

by Abb66

I",ve been duck hunting 52 seasons. These waders are the most comfortable wader i have ever worn and as long as you hunt in flooded fields in pits or blinds or step out of a boat to stand next to a tree they are great. IF you hunt in any rough areas like heavy brush with any briars then I do not recommend these wader

12/31/2017 4:28 pm

Will not consider buying again

by Dan

Very uncomfortable and the suspender strap with Velcro is a bad idea compared to quick release buckles. I have 2 pairs one I will re sell. I do like all the pockets and she’ll loops. That is the only feature. I have other waders I wear before going to my drake pair. Harder to move around in but easier to get in than lacrosse