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Drake Guardian Elite 6 Layer 4-In-1 Chest Wader with Tear Away Liner

Drake Guardian Elite 6 Layer 4-In-1 Chest Wader with Tear Away Liner

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Color Green Timber

Item Style Stout

Footwear Size Men's Size 8

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Drake Guardian Elite 6 Layer 4-In-1 Chest Wader with Tear Away Liner. Overhauled with performance and function in mind to revolutionize the wader industry, the Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Chest Wader with Tear-Away Liner is the ultimate all-season wader built to handle any conditions thrown at it. Drake reduced the number of needle holes by up to 75%, eliminating a large majority of potential leak points from previous models. They introduced a body-mapped, tear-away insulated liner that can be removed while wearing the waders, allowing you to shed insulation once the hunt has finished before the pack out. Additionally, the protective, removable camo bib can be zipped off and separated from the base wader, resulting in a solid color wader that is perfect for fishing.

This systems approach results in 4 various ways to wear the wader:
Insulated Duck Hunting Wader
Uninsulated Duck Hunting Wader
Insulated Non-Camo Fishing Wader
Uninsulated Non-Camo Fishing Wader

This new wader provides 6 levels of protection to keep you warm and dry throughout the year: The base fishing wader utilizes Drake’s Guardian Elite 3-Layer Pro Waterproof/Breathable wader fabric. The outer protective, removable camo bib delivers 2 more layers of protection, plus HD3 reinforced fabric placed over the boots, knees, and seat area extends the life of your waders, year after year.

The Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Chest Wader with Tear-Away Liner is backed by Drake's 2-year repair or replace “Strap-to-Sole” warranty plus our “Extended Life” USA repair service facility on all Guardian Elite waders only.

  • 100% waterproof/windproof/breathable Guardian Elite 3-layer fabric treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellant)
  • Drake's Fowl-Proof YKK zippers
  • NEW Reinforced taped seams with up to 75% needle hole reduction from previous models
  • NEW Tear-away insulated liner (body-mapped 125g LokDown insulation in the front and 200g LokDown insulation in the back)
  • NEW Protective, removable zippered outer camo bib
  • Buckshot Mudder Boot
  • No-Buckle, X-Crossing-Back Shoulder Straps
  • Additional Size Options (Short & Slim, Regular, Stout, and King)
  • Improved Materials & Construction
  • Large Front Cargo Pouch
  • Vertical Call Pocket with Magnattach
  • Vertical Pocket with Fowl-Proof Waterproof Zipper
  • Against-the-Body Handwarmer
  • Horizontal Shell Loops
  • Articulated Knees with Hydro-Flex
  • 1600 grams of Thinsulate
10/15/2019 11:48 am

Best waders I've owned

by Montana

Best waders I've ever bought. I've used Drake, Banded, and Cabela's brand. These are by far the most comfortable, quick drying, and with the option to remove the liner, most temperature comfortable I've ever used. The only downside, I wish there had been instructions on replacing the liner once removed. It wasn't hard, but it would have made me feel better to read it first.

1/7/2020 10:10 pm

Love this wader best there is

by Nathan Bower

Couldn't ask for a better wader, its warm its not as expense as some, and very useful in the field. Many of time where they were very handy, if I got hot I just took the liner out. If you need a brand to trust, its drake waterfowl best there is, always finding ways to get better and better and always thinking about the hunter.

1/23/2020 11:21 pm

Great waders, Velcro liner needs redesign

by Duane

Great waders. No leaks. Excellent size selection for all shapes! Boots are true to size and fit tight. The only reason I don't give these five stars is because the Velcro liner rips loose from the midsection while I'm pulling up the waders and it takes extra time to deal with that while your buddies are waiting on you. Drake had a good idea with the Velcro liner but it is not as secure as the competition's zip-in/out liner.

3/15/2020 12:36 pm

Sizes are tight

by Rcp

If you want to buy these go next size up on everything but even then leg area on them is really big for average person. Haven't really tried in hunting conditions yet .

3/15/2020 6:54 pm

Awesome waders with a perfect fit!

by Kentucky

Awesome waders! These are the best I have ever owned in my 16 years of hunting. Can't wait to get a full season in them!!!

4/17/2020 4:32 pm

Ok at best.

by Tim

Wanted to give an expensive pair of waders a try, liked everything about these until I wore them in the water. We are usually hunting creeks and rivers, and often end up waist deep. The issue is that water gets in between the layers. It doesn’t leak, but when you go to move after standing a while both legs feel like they are 30 pounds... I’ve almost fallen multiple times due to this. Boots also aren’t that great in mud.

11/16/2020 1:06 pm

I’d rather flex seal jeans than wear these

by Dillon

As stated water gets between the layers and weighs you down. Imagine 2 gallons in each leg and you’ve got the picture. Mine went on their 4th trip yesterday and my legs and liner were soaked. A friend of mine went with me on his 5th trip and his started leaking as well. No holes, perforations, anything to cause it, just poor choice of material. Water seaps through it into the waders resulting in a huge disappointment.

12/21/2020 12:03 pm

Great except for the velcro liner.

by champ198

Drake did a great job on the wader design except for the velcro wader liner. Pulling up the waders over your Drake wader jacket (jacket worn on the inside) usually causes the wader liner to rip loose. As you pull up the wader, the edge of the liner catches on your clothing and it rips loose from the velcro. . Then you have to drop the waders, reattach and try again. The waders with zip in liners is a much better idea. Quality overall if very good but the velcro in liner is not convenient. 3 stars for the liner design.

1/8/2021 12:31 pm

traps water weighing down feet

by Jim

Been a Drake fan for years but these suck! The liner comes loose every time you pull them up and water gets trapped between the layers weighing down your legs. I'm soooo disappointed! It's like 25lbs on each foot. I dang near drown in Bayou Meto last week. Take your pocket knife and cut some drain holes by your ankles (above the elastic) if you plan hunt water above your knees

1/29/2021 4:43 pm

Buyer be where

by Rcp

Now that hunted with them about 8 times they're hard to get on and off 2 man job because of the tightness in ankle with no upper boot support Hold water in lower ankle cover and also the brush cover would drown ya in deep water. Boot seams seep if you stand in water over long periods lLate seasons is a bust