Drake Ghillie Boat Blind with No-Shadow Dual Action Top

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Drake Ghillie Boat Blind with No-Shadow Dual Action Top 

When building the perfect blind in a confined space such as a boat, there is no room for error and zero forgiveness for awkward design. The advancements we are introducing surpasses all other boat blinds by leaps and bounds. Our Spring-Loaded Auto-Locking legs go past vertical and invert to a bracket where it is held firmly in place by the spring tension and gravity, forcing the leg into a locked position. When you lift the blind, which can be done with one hand, the springs are engaged and the legs automatically lock back. No need for additional stabilizer bars to take up valuable space in the boat. Our top gives full coverage over the interior of the blind no matter the width of the boat. Fabric hangs down, covering a gap between the top and the front wall. The fabric can be tied back to create a clean gap to look through, if desired. There are brush straps that allow you to hang raffia to break up the gap, giving it a more natural look and eliminating the shadow a gap may cause. This top works just like 4-Man Blind. When you throw the top back, you throw the top behind you, never losing sight of the ducks. You can also collapse the blind, use our new Ghillie Seat, sit in the floor of the boat, engage the top, creating a much lower profile. We predrilled all the holes in the blind’s frame, which is another huge advantage. This allows the user to simply measure the front and rear width and the length of the blind, lay the parts on the ground, slide the tubing to that dimension and insert a pin in the nearest hole. This also allows you to take the blind off a 14’ boat and put it on a 17’ boat with ease. The top competitor blinds can take up to 8 hours to install, with lots of drilling and tightening of bolts, making it custom to each boat. Another advantage is when it comes to mud motors. The tiller handle sticks into the back end of the boat and often comes in contact with the blind, causing damage to it, the motor and the boat operator’s hand. We designed our blind so you remove the top, push it to one side, pull a pin and the entire rear frame will swing to one side, leaving the entire rear seat of the boat open for motor use.

DESIGNED TO FIT BOATS 14’ to 17’ Front Blind Width 36” to 56” Rear Width 52” to 81” Blind Length 10’2” to 14’2”

1) Strong, Durable Aluminum Frame 
2) Rugged HD2™ Material with Grass Straps 
3) No-Shadow Dual Action Top with One-Way See-Through Mesh 
4) Height/Width/Length Adjustment 
5) Spring-Loaded Auto-Locking Legs 
6) No obstruction to mud motor tiller handle 
7) Top works in high and low profile 
8) Easy Instillation 
9) Easy Set-Up/Break-Down
9/26/2020 10:52 pm

Super nice blind!

by John G

Super nice blind! It took a while to get the frame adjusted, but once adjusted, It turned out great. I really like the wind blocker panels... Over all I’m happy with this product....

10/2/2020 6:58 pm

It's a duck blind

by Christopher

It not too bad of a blind. Some headache with getting the blind assembled. You do need two people. The springs on mind were to long and all 4 where different sizes, had to go with 6 and half inch spring to make it stay up better. I have a 15ft havoc dbst and fits ok could be better. Would cover the whole boat but I also have a trolling motor I plan on leaving on the boat. Does cover the stern light and had to adjust the blind to uncover it. A lot of fabric left over. You can not cover your motor or the tip of the boat. It's a box blind. Wind block is nice and look like it will hold up. Hopefully it will continue to stay up on it's on in the wind and not keep falling down. Had to adjust the t rail brackets they were not bent far enough to have a level surface. You need your own bolts for the t rail track. Comes with everything us needed.
I wish they offered a small size ex. 14 - 16 foot boats and not 14 to 19.

10/16/2020 7:27 pm

Outstanding Service

by Brandon

I mounted this blind using the T-rail brackets that are provided and the blind was taller than I wanted it to be. After calling Drakes customer service and speaking with Jamie he got me on track and everything’s working perfectly. I had to cut the legs to shorten it and it works perfectly. I have honestly never experienced such great customer service from the outdoor industry like this before! This blind is a must buy if you have buddies that can’t keep their heads down, this blind works great!

11/30/2020 7:08 pm

Unresolved issues

by Kyle

I really like the design of the frame and its function. I thought assembly was straightforward and I did it all myself. My issue is with the fabric panels. I purchased the MOBL version, and the MOBL die cut fabric is at least 50% solid white on the back. Since the fabric is die cut, any wind whatsoever will flap it over showing tons of white. Not good at all unless you are hunting in snow. In addition, all four ends of the fabric panels had female clips so no way to attach them.

I contacted Drake support who had a rep call me. Nice guy, said he would follow back up . I didn't hear from him for a week, so reached back out. He said he was still waiting for a solution from Drake. That is over a month ago at this point. I guess at this point I'll have to completely cover it will something else, be it mesh or grass. Either way a significant expense that should not be required.

12/4/2020 10:22 am

Frame is great, fabric panels have issues.

by Kyle

Frame is great and I love the flexibility of installation and usage. The side panels however are another story. I purchased the MOBL version and the back side of the die cut material is at least 50% white. The slightest breeze causes will cause the die cut material to flap over exposing all the white. No good unless you are hunting in snow.

I contacted Drake support and while they did initially reach out to me to let me know they be in touch with a solution, a solution never came. In fact, they never even c contacted me again, I guess hoping I would forget the issue. Unless you are going to be hunting in snowy areas the majority of the time or plan to completely cover the blind with grass or some other material, I'd at least avoid the MOBL version.

12/21/2020 8:53 am

Not so good

by Steve

The blind is easy enough to set up the springs will not hold the blind up in the wind the straps to fold it up get stuck in the frame and two of them where cut off the velcro on the side panels have came off in places and the mesh on the top also gets holes in it .I would not buy this again needs major improvements

1/10/2021 4:51 pm


by Nick Platt

All the other reviews of 2 stars and under tell you a lot of what you need to know. We have an 18 foot Jon boat and it has been quite disappointing since the buy. You have to do a lot of your own modifications for it to be hunted out where it’s not annoying the hell out of you every second. Very surprised Drake put something out like this.

8/7/2022 10:17 pm

Best boat blind

by Taylor

Best boat blind I have ever used. Tons of straps for grass, adjustable, and top cover make it unbeatable.