Drake Ghillie 4-Man Blind with No-Shadow Dual Action Top

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Drake Ghillie 4-Man Blind with No-Shadow Dual Action Top

When building the perfect blind, we wanted to achieve 4 things: 1) It’s a blind, it has to hide you. I know this sounds simple enough but our competitors blinds don’t have a top. There are ducks up there with incredible eye sight and a blind without a top throws some wicked shadows, not to mention, those pale-faced hunters wanting to watch the birds. Not only does our blind have a smooth opening top, but the back flips open as well so there’s no opportunity missed, a No-Shadow Dual Action Top. 2) We wanted it to be comfortable. At 8.5 feet long, 4 feet wide, and a height that can be adjusted from 32 to 50 inches, hunters can twist and turn looking for birds, and move their arms and hands while calling without worrying about hitting the guy next to him. It’s also easy to stake out an end to accommodate a dog. While other blinds have awkward entries, this blind has a large gate opening in front so everyone can enter and exit easily and the back corners also open for an alternative entry/exit. 3) Functional in varying scenarios. As we already stated, the legs adjust from 32 to 50 inches. This comes in handy if you want to set the blind in 10 to 20” of water or if you want to drop the blind and sit on dry ground. And if you’re on a levee or uneven ground, you can raise the front and lower the back or viceversa, to level the blind. 4) Easy to use. In only a couple minutes and zero tools, this blind is extremely easy to put together. We also designed it so you can transport it fully brushed. It is also strong and light enough to quickly move fully assembled.

1) 8.5 X 4 Spacious Interior 
2) Strong, Durable Aluminum Square Tubing 
3) Rugged HD2™ Material with Grass Straps 
4) No-Shadow Dual Action Top with See-Through Mesh 
5) Adjustable Legs 
6) Large Front Entry/Exit Gate 
7) Back Corner Entry/Exit 
8) Bottom Stake-Out Loops 
9) Easy Set-Up/Break-Down

1 man can set this blind up in 6 minutes and take it down in less than 4 minutes. This time will decrease with familiarity and more people.
10/5/2020 2:41 pm

Total concealment anywhere you need it.

by Capt. Andy, Duck-Tail Guide Service

We purchased this for the crew this year, and so far, it has been awesome. One man set up and tear down in about 6 min. It's a little tight with 4 big guys in there. You can pretty much set this thing up however you want to fit your need. The front of the frame is adjustable so that you can lower it. The roof swings open in both directions. We have set this up in the shallow water and on land. The blind itself seems well built and is sturdy. Time will tell how well it will hold up to the abuse of being used at the guide service. I recommend 10lbs of Rafia type grass to camo it up.
My only complaints are that I wish there was a way to adjust the roof better, and the buckles on the carry bag suck. Fixed the carry bag by using some lashing straps with cam buckles. The roof needs some type of adjustable tensioner so that you can easily adjust how far it come down when you close it. We plan to purchase a 2nd blind later this year.

11/23/2020 2:43 pm

Does not have a full frame

by Casey Reed

FYI this blind does not have a frame in the back and will fall over easily with too much brush. The top collapses with any brush on top and you cannot see out of it. I would recommend the avian x over this blind. The directions are also horrible. So be prepared to figure this thing out by yourself.

12/30/2020 7:13 pm

Basically disappeared...

by Matt

The best option I’ve ever used for hunting in shallow water. Three guys in fold up chairs literally disappeared. With the ability to shoot out both sides and be super concealed, this blind is hard to beat. Great addition to the arsenal.

8/7/2022 10:16 pm

Makes you invisible

by Taylor

This blind is awesome. Tons of straps enable you to grass up your blind and disappear and very druable.

9/3/2022 1:07 pm

Awesome blind

by Drew Scott

Great blind, super quick to set up and breakdown after the hunt. Roof being able to open in either direction makes it easy to shoot either direction. Awesome to be used in shallow water or on dry ground.

10/25/2022 9:59 am

Drake Ghille 4-Man Blind

by Dave Gudakunst

The only good thing is the roof, it works pretty good. The adjustment to raise or lower the height is terrible. Can lower it about 2', but you cannot raise it enough and a lot of the blind sides lay on the ground. The back is terrible, the only stake is not long enough. Put up in 6 minutes impossible. I figure with 8-10 hours of work, making extra supports, etc. I can turn it into a usable portable blind

2/4/2023 5:13 pm

Excellent product

by Darrell

Excellent product

5/29/2023 11:59 am

Light Blinds

by Rick

Looks as if is going to work ! Sets up quick and easy!