Drake TZip Guardian Elite 4-Layer Wader With Tear-Away Liner

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Drake Front Zip Guardian Elite 4-Layer Wader With Tear-Away Liner

These no-nonsense waders equipped with a relief zipper and tear-away liner deliver a level of comfort never before seen in the wader industry. 

With its robust and flexible zipper pull, the multifunctional TIZIP® MasterSeal 10 offers incredible strength and endurance. The MasterSeal 10’s waterproof and pressure-resistant properties are secured by the pressing together of the sealing lip across the interlocking elements. The zipper’s outstanding properties make it uniquely suitable for Drake’s Guardian Elite Waders. 

The Tear-Away Insulated Liner can be completely removed WITHOUT removing your waders, during the hunt, while standing in water. Stay cozy on those cold mornings but when you become over-heated picking up decoys and gear, remove the Tear-Away Liner in preparation for the long wade out. 

• NEW TIZIP® MasterSeal 10 
• 100% waterproof/windproof/breathable Guardian Elite™ 3-layer fabric treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellant) 
• NEW Tear-away insulated liner (body-mapped 125g LokDown insulation in the front and 200g LokDown insulation in the back) 
• NEW Reinforced taped seams with up to 75% needle hole reduction from previous models 
• HD2 material on high-wear areas 

• 1600g Thinsulate Buckshot Mudder Boot 
• NEW No-Buckle, X-Crossing-Back Shoulder Straps 
 • Front Zipper 
• 2 Front Zippered Call Pockets

2 year manufacture's defect warranty from strap to sole. 
12/28/2020 9:46 am

Wader reveiw

by Ryan F

Bought these waders and they’re very comfortable and warm boots feel like pillows on your feet and they are an all around good design. Got hot walking in and instead of having to pull your wader down to cool off you can leave them up and just unzip the chest. Great all around wader.

1/11/2021 11:31 am

Quality product with a few flaws.

by Rory

Overall, these are very comfortable and hold up well to ice and hard use. Huge improvement over neoprene. I do not care for the removable liner. It is a pain to install and comes out with my foot every time I remove these waders. I wish these waders had some internal pockets on the chest. They also do not have any D-rings. This is a minor inconvenience for wade and shoots that I remedied by adding a belt with a few rings. Overall I am happy and they are the most comfortable waders I have ever owned, but hindsight being what it is, I wish I had purchased the last generation of Drake waders that had a fixed liner.

1/20/2021 11:10 am


by Michael

Received these waders and they are nice. I absolutely hate the "removable liner" only because the liner comes out every single time you remove your feet which makes it a real pain to get them off and then you need to push the liner back down into the legs of the wader.

9/7/2021 1:58 pm

Love these.

by Ross Goulet

I wore these all season and loved them. You have a lot more freedom of movement than neoprene waders. Being able to pee without stripping in freezing weather is incredibly convenient. I hunt water about 20 times a year.

11/6/2021 3:47 pm

Great waders

by Brent s

Waders perform great! No leaks, and hold up in rough situations such as brush or around the boat. Would recommend and buy again.

11/14/2021 9:23 pm

Tear away liner joke.

by Km

The tear away liner is a joke. Comes out every time you take them off then it’s a nightmare putting it back in so it doesn’t wad up. I bought these thinking they would be really nice. I will return them. I.never wore them hunting. To much trouble dealing with the liner.

11/17/2021 5:03 pm

Very Nice Waders

by Chris O

Other than being n the pricey side they are very comfortable and unlike neoprene waders they don't seem to be like you're getting into a sausage casing. The front zipper is GREAT!!!!!!!!

11/24/2021 10:55 pm

Great stuff

by Gary

Love these waders

11/30/2021 3:46 pm

Good fit.

by RC

Well made boot. The short cut fits well.
I appreciated speaking with a knowledgeable sales person. He helped me make a good decision on an expensive item.

12/4/2021 7:28 pm

Go Drake TZip or go Home.

by stanley rogers

I like these waders. First off, they are built seemingly tough. I love the Zip front for easy on, off and relief in the field. I ordered size regular, and they fit well, and the boot is very comfortable. I wear a 10.5 shoe, so I ordered the 11. Right on. One more thing. The belt and loop system is another great feature. My only complaint is the Velcro Liner. A Zip in liner would be better, but if you put the liner on and then slide into the waders, things work much better. Wearing without the liner and layering with lite-heavy long underwear or sweats works well also. Thanks Drake.

12/5/2021 6:57 pm

Nice waders

by JJ

So far so good. I got size 12 King. Im 6’ 2”-265lb. Perfect fit with room to move in. I wish they had a small flip out pouch on the inside like most waders, but they do have some plastic rings near the zipper you could rig something up to for some small storage.

12/29/2021 4:33 pm

Very Satisfied Customer

by Rhonda

Everyone was super nice to work with and made this purchase so easy. My Son was very happy Christmas morning!!
Delivery was super fast also.
Thanks Mack’s Prairie Wings.

1/5/2022 3:34 pm

Great Waders

by Paul

These waders are great. Hunted water fowl in Montana December-January in sub-zero temperatures and stayed very warm and dry. Seemed to be very durable material. Very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended and pleased with my purchase.

1/14/2022 9:01 am

Wader's good; Ordering/Delivering bad.

by Bill

3-star rating is for the overall experience; actual wader rating would be 4-star. I found the sizing chart to be difficult to interpret. I obviously made a mistake selecting correct size. Waders are too big. However, because my order arrived 3 days late, I had no choice but to use them. I paid for "2nd Day delivery". I called on day 4. Associate told me she would put a tracer on the order and call me the next morning with results. She never called back. Order arrived the evening before leaving for the hunting trip.

1/20/2022 5:58 pm

Should be $100….. Ridiculous

by C K

First time wearing them today.

1. Again, sizing is completing messed up. I am 6’1
200lb… I previously ordered 10 reg, they were HUGE. Borderline dangerous. So I sent them back, and waiting for 10 short/slim. Well they better, but still off.

2. I put them on, and unzip the hand warmer pocket and the zipper completely breaks off. Not falls off, literally metal broke.

3. They feel VERY cheap. Like cheap plastic.

4. Liner is ridiculous. Comes out as soon as you pull your foot out. Unnecessary pain in..

$500???? I can say this with complete confidence… it’s not worth it. Waste of money.

Tried to get the warranty done - their page does not let you go beyond the first page.

1/25/2022 8:09 pm

Great Waders

by Silas

Great waders . Sizing is good.I Enjoy the the front zip and the side pockets. They have held up very well so far. Mack’s customer service is amazing too.

5/30/2022 9:01 pm

Warm, Comfortable and Bone Dry

by Harry Lampes

Very comfortable waders and the removable insulation and insulated boots are very warm. I've hunted with these in the coldest and nastiest conditions the Northeast has to offer and they have had no trouble keeping me warm. The T-zip is very convenient and completely watertight. Never going back to neoprene waders.

5/31/2022 8:55 pm

A very comfortable wader.

by Ashley

As a female duck hunter, my wader selection is very limited. I am 5'1 and wear a size 7.5 shoe. I bought a size 8, short and slim, of these waders and was actually so pleased. I was a little disappointed with how loose the ankle was compared to the 6 layer 2 in 1 Drake waders, but bought some nylon cinch clips off of Amazon which made the boots adjustable for me. These have been my favorite waders I have worn yet, fitting my legs and torso perfectly! My feet have never been cold with these, even in 18 degree weather.

6/1/2022 8:46 am

Great waders

by Dennis H.

I have had these waders since they have come out and i love them. They are very durable and really comfortable. The removable insulation is a nice addition to the wader coming a avid duck hunter in Arkansas. Lots of days i have been wearing the insulation and being warm temps mid day i could remove the insulation and be a-lot more comfortable. The boots are really comfortable as well and will keep your feet warm even in icy water. Overall these wader have been great.

6/4/2022 9:42 am

Zippered waders

by Jon porter

Nice zippered waders, but they sure are noisy when i walk. I'll never be able to sneak up on a cripple.

8/9/2022 11:34 am

Best Wader Available

by Josh GH

Awesome waders. Super warm with the ability to just tear away the insulated liner and cool off. I have had this wader for 2 seasons and have had zero issues. Best set of waders I have ever owned.

8/14/2022 12:53 pm

Best Waders I've Owned

by Nick N

The best waders I have ever owned. Easy to get in and out of, very tough, and the removable liner lets you hunt all season (including early Teal). I will buy again if i every ruin my current set.

9/29/2022 2:42 pm

drake guardian elite

by phil clegg II

great product ,felt and looked well constructed.
210 and 6 feet tall ,size 12 too big and bulky in body but boot was just right.

12/23/2022 2:01 pm

Very big/baggy

by Will

I am 6’, 200 pounds and fairly fit. I ordered the regular size. From the knee up, you could have fit two of me in here. I had to double check that I hadn’t mistakenly received the Stout size. They are very big/baggy. Otherwise, they’re very nice.

I wrote this review from a nice common area that I’ve set up inside the waders.

1/12/2023 6:51 pm

Great Waders!

by Kyle

Very warm waders. I’m 5’11”, 240lbs, and typically wear a size 11-11.5 shoe/boot, I got the size 12 Short and Slim and they fit really well. I probably could’ve gotten a size 11, but they weren’t in stock and the 12 doesn’t leave room for my feet to slide in the boots, so I don’t really have an issue with going a size up. They come up to about an inch below my collarbone. I don’t understand why some people are having issues with the liner, if you pull the waders down around your ankles before pulling your feet out you won’t have an issue with it. Then it’s super easy to grab the shoulder straps and lift up to unbunch them so they can dry. I would definitely recommend these waders!