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Dakota X-treme Flocked Head Mallard Duck Decoys 12 Pack

Dakota X-treme Flocked Head Mallard Duck Decoys 12 Pack



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12 Dakota Decoys X-Treme Mallards
Dakota Decoys have designed unquestionably the most life like duck decoys on the market. The first thing you will notice is the most life like, hand painted finish ever put on a hunting decoy. Drakes go through a 24 step painting process, and hens go through a 16 step painting process. This attention to detail is evident the minute you lay eyes on these decoys!

Dakota Decoys Mallard Duck Decoy 12 pack has 6 different head styles in each dozen. These multiple heads come attached to the decoy, but will spin a full 360 degrees, to give your spread the most realistic look ever imaginable with decoys. These mallard duck decoys are manufactured out of the same 60/40 blend of high and low density polyethylene that has been proven extra tough. 

These decoys will give you years of trouble free use. The decoys are slightly oversized, measuring 16 inches in length. They have a weighted keel. The decoys have a cleat added to the front of the keel to lengthen or shorten lines to the desired depth of water. 

One look at these and you will agree that they are quality at its best! 
12 Pack Includes:
7 drakes with 4 unique head styles and flocked heads
5 hens with 2 head styles
Flocked heads are Drakes only.

Drake Head Positions: 
  • 1 Rester, 
  • 1 Preener, 
  • 3 Low Heads, 
  • 2 High Heads.
Hen Head Positions:
  • 1 Rester,
  • 2 Low Heads
  • 2 High Head
7/20/2017 8:31 am

Best Mallard Decoy Hands Down

by Chase

These decoys can take the abuse! We hunt close to sixty days a year and beat and bang these decoys around. They hold up to some rough treatment and still produce results by looking like a real duck! Realism in the flocked heads is unmatched and I will not be without these on future hunts!

8/1/2017 1:32 pm

Best mallard floater

by Craig G

Best mallard floater hands down. I hunt rivers and these decoys sit a little higher in the water giving the best natural motion I've ever seen from a decoy!

8/28/2017 1:21 pm

Slotted bag Deal

by Caleb Liles

I've pined over these decoys for several years, but couldn't justify the expense when my current dekes attracted leary ducks just fine. I did bite the bullet and purchased them. I've hunted over Dakota's for several years as hunting buddies have bought them. I can see only 2 drawbacks so far, first the paint from the bill has rubbed off on the decoy back when turned in for storage. Not a deal breaker but it bothered me. Second, the non-flocked heads are no longer included. I'm glad I purchased these, I just wish I had waited for the MPW Slotted bag to be included for the same price.

2/17/2018 4:23 pm

Best on the market today

by Rodger H

I have pretty much owned them all in 45+ years of hunting. These are the best looking decoys on the market. I have had Cabela’s, ,Avian -X ,and GHG, these beats them all. You get what you pay for these are worth every penny. Very life like and durable. Get these you will not be sorry.

5/5/2018 10:39 am

Best floater on the Market

by D. Mo

These are the best duck floaters on the market, PERIOD.
<br> The paint scheme and carving are super realistic and ride great in the water. They will ride in super rough water. The heads are flocked which adds to the realism and the flocking will hold up well, even under rough use. Plus you can get replacement heads pretty cheap.
<br> The paint is as durable as any decoy you can buy. Texas rigged banging around in the boat and still almost no paint off the decoy after 2 seasons. Do yourself a favor and get these!!!

5/24/2018 3:29 pm

Great Product

by Bob

I have owned two dozen of these floaters for two years now and have yet to be let down. From the flocking to the paint, they still look great with little wear. I have also been very happy when using them on windy days, they seem to never tip over like some of my decoys have in the passed. Next season I plan on adding more.

5/31/2018 9:25 am

Excellent Decoys!

by Ryan

Very realistic and durable. I have been running my first dozen for years with no problems. They are all I will run now. Excellent decoys!

8/1/2020 7:44 pm


by Toby


9/15/2020 7:14 pm

Most life-like mallards ever

by JAS13

These are the most life-like mallard decoys I have ever seen. I have not used them yet, but I can’t wait to see how they work. I’m replacing 20 year old decoys. The flocked heads on these drakes is gorgeous! I like the high backs on these birds too. They stand out!! Wish they were a bit cheaper, but I don’t mind paying top dollar for top quality! These decoys are top shelf.

12/28/2020 6:44 am

Heavy to carry flat bottom decoy won’t ride right in water.

by Joe

Don’t even look like a real duck. Flocking is already turning lighter color. What’s up with the weight very heavy and plastic as hard as a rock. Wish I’d bought USA made decoys.