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DUK NUTZ Decoy Anchors

DUK NUTZ Decoy Anchors



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DUK NUTZ Decoy Anchors are a non-toxic, lead free decoy anchor that uses friction to control desired depths. The friction allows you to safely snug your weight to the decoy’s keel preventing scratches while allowing you to store your decoys anyway possible remaining tangle free. The attaching end of the cord is open-ended which will allow you to attach the cord to your decoy anyway you’d like, direct knot, crimped or snap swiveled (both sold separately).
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7/21/2017 6:16 am

Duk Nutz

by Brad Lord

Duk Nutz decoy rigs are the easiest I have seen or used. No more tangled up mess and made with quality materials.

7/21/2017 8:38 am

Best decoy anchor EVER

by Amanda

DukNutz are easily the best decoy anchors I have EVER used. Whether you use a mesh bag or slot bag to hold your decoys they'll never tangle! I've had decoy lines tangle countless times while hunting and I have never had that problem with duknutz even if your dog gets tangled up in the line. I would recommend this product to everyone

7/27/2017 4:00 pm

Worth every penney!

by Colton C Collen

I've used them all, last year I decided to try Duknutz looking for a change from lifetime and rigem rights. I was amazed with having no tangles or knots in my line after bagging my decoys. I do love Texas rigs, don't get me wrong, and lifetime makes the best Texas rig there is, but it's not feasible to carry 6 dozen decoys on my back as far as I have to with Texas rigs. Duknutz provided a solution, a great one at that. Worth every penny!

7/30/2017 10:54 am

DUKNUTZ Decoy Anchors

by Tyler

DUKNUTZ decoy anchors are the best decoy anchor I've ever put my hands on. The absolute most versatile and unique built system on the market.

9/9/2017 10:39 am

Great if you sack your decoys

by Justin

Finally something out there for the guys who sack their decoys. Tangle-free and and simple to use design. Great Product!