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Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets Natural Woods

Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets Natural Woods

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These Natural Woods Dryer Sheets deliver odor elimination coupled 
with a calming forest floor aroma that provides anti-static performance 
-that’s why they are wet coming out of the package. 
If you are using a regular dry sheet, then it probably isn’t doing anything for odor elimination. 
Product Attributes 
8" x 7" sheets saturated with ESP® to eliminate odor with an added calming forest floor aroma 
Anti-Static Guard built in Treats up to 15 loads 
DDW has the only biodegradeable dryer sheets in the market.
Being an earth-friendly, green company does matter to us and doesn't cost you extra! 
Convenient peel and reseal packaging Prevents from drying out
Scent Tip: 
Dryers are a large source of odor contamination than washing machines. 
It is critical to use a dryer sheet that actually eliminates odor. 
Many competitors do not add odor eliminating ingredients to their dryer sheets. 
Check the label for ingredients, & if the sheets are dry it's a good bet they will not eliminate odors.

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