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ConQuest Stink Stick with EverCalm Deer Scent

ConQuest Stink Stick with EverCalm Deer Scent

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ConQuest Stink Stick with EverCalm Deer Scent has a combination of bedding scents in a high performance dispenser. The combination includes buck doe and fawn scents in a bedding area. This scent will not only turn your stand area into a bedding location but it will also draw in those additional curious deer. Apply this weather-proof scent for those crappy days out in the stand when nothing else would get the attention of a deer. Use it as a cover smell to get away with movement you otherwise wouldn't.

The strongest and most natural cover scent ever collected for the whitetail deer hunter. This trademarked product contains all of the scents and smells that whitetail deer produce while in their bedding area. It is a simple concept of becoming a part of the area deer feel most comfortable and not threatened in. Apply to cover all human odors! Stink stick's innovative scent dispersion can now be used with conquest scents wax-stick formula to create the ultimate scent combination!

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