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Code Blue Body Wash & Shampoo 12oz

Code Blue Body Wash & Shampoo 12oz


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In the woods, the slightest whiff could give away your position and ruin your shot at glory. Conceal yourself, even before leaving the house, by showering with the Code Blue D/Code 12 fl. oz. Scent Elimination Body Wash and Shampoo. The all-natural formula uses patented Silver Scent technology, which employs medical-grade nanosilver particles to wipe out odor-causing bacteria and mask your natural scent, so you can track game with confidence. Made with aloe, the body wash and shampoo provides a soothing and moisturizing feel without a fragrance, which allows you to approach and claim your trophy.

Silver Scent Technology
Boasting medical-grade silver nanoparticles, the patented formula destroys and inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria to hide your presence in the field.

Proven Odor Elimination
An Auburn University study found D/Code to be effective in eradicating existing bacteria and preventing new bacteria from growing, so your scent will remain camouflaged.

100% Safe on Hair and Skin
Soothing Aloe
Made with All-Natural Ingredients

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