Buffalo Bore 357 Mag 125 Grain XPB 20 Rd

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Buffalo Bore Barnes XPB Lead Free Heavy 357 Mag Pistol Ammunition. 125 gr. Barnes XPB @ 1650 fps. 20 Rounds per Box. For those needing/wanting a Lead-Free HEAVY 357 Magnum load generating full power plus here it is. Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. Maximum firepower ammo. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. Buffalo Bore. Strictly big bore. Strictly Business. Buffalo Bore manufactures the highest grade ammunition for both the hunter and for your own personal defense.

Made in Montana Buffalo Bore Ammunition delivers both in performance and in projectile selection. Ammo is field tested in real world "over the counter" guns not test barrels. When you pull the trigger know that you have the ammo that will do the job.

Below are real world velocities taken from real world stock guns. The established use of long laboratory test barrels that give false high velocity readings is essentially misleading to the public who won't be firing ammo from a laboratory test barrel in the real world where it matters.
  • 2145 fps - Marlin mod 1894 18 inch barrel
  • 1583 fps - S&W mod 27 5 inch barrel
  • 1591 fps - S&W Mt. Gun 4 inch barrel
  • 1507 fps - S&W mod 66 3 inch barrel
  • 1448 fps - S&W mod 66 2.5 inch barrel
Due to the long-for-weight all copper bullet there is no case capacity to use a bulky flash retarded powder and thus there is noticeable muzzle flash with this load except when firing it from the rifle which yielded little to no flash.

This load is the typical Barn-Burning Turbo-Charged Buffalo Bore type of HEAVY 357 mag. load and as such should only be used in revolvers made of all STEEL. It should not be fired in light weight alloy framed or cylindered revolvers. Feel free to use it in ALL/ANY 357 mag. chambered rifles and all STEEL revolvers.

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