Browning Wicked Blend 12 Ga 3 1/2" 1 1/2 Oz Case 250 Rd

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Browning Wicked Blend 12 Ga 3 1/2" 1 1/2 Oz Case

1450 fps
25 rounds per box
250 rounds per case
Wicked Blend waterfowl loads are the pinnacle of performance within Browning's waterfowl lineup, and are built for hard core waterfowlers who demand the most from their ammo. Both the bismuth and steel shot are plated, and are the highest quality available. Browning's Wicked Wad is engineered to provide tight patterns at long ranges and is also built with a sealing ring to keep powder dry in even the harshest conditions. Browning Wicked Blend - The Best There Is in waterfowl ammunition. 

*STACKED DUPLEX PAYLOAD A wicked combination of steel and bismuth shot 
*PLATED PRECISION SHOT Provides ideal patterns, high energy retention, and deep penetration 
*WICKED WAD(tm) Ensures uniform shot release and tight patterns through various choke designs 
*70% STEEL / 30% BISMUTH

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

9/22/2021 2:08 pm

Poor crimps

by Tom Haes

I ordered a case of 3 1/2" Wicked Blend for late season shooting, so I haven't had a chance use them. But after inspecting a few boxes of the shells I can see there are production problems. First is an uneven crimp on many of the shells and the shells are not sealed so they are open for water intrusion.
Second is that the amount of shot dropped into these is inconsistent with some shells domed, some level and some convexed which is probably the cause of the uneven and open crimps.
Third is the visible lack of a sealant on the primer which may not be necessary these days and I am overreacting.

1/5/2023 10:53 am

3-1/2” shells too long!

by BB

These shells hit hard, but the length is slightly longer than a typical 3-1/2” shell. I have trouble getting the second shell into my SBE3 because of the extra shell length. This forces me to mix them with another brand. They do take down fowl well, however.

1/17/2023 1:53 pm

Best shells I’ve found.

by Jim P.

My son and I love these shells. This is our second case we’ve bought. One last year and one this year and my only complaint is that it took a year to find them again. We kill ducks way farther out there than we did with plain steel shells and shoot less shells to kill ducks and geese both because of the lethality of these combined with pattern master code black choke tubes. 50-60 yards and beyond is pretty normal and seldom have to shoot them after they fall to the water because they hit so hard.

12/26/2023 6:01 pm


by Ben

Best shells I've ever shot

1/10/2024 2:12 pm

Hope they keep making these.

by Jim

Great shells that hit hard and don’t just cripple and loose ducks and that’s why I keep buying them. Mack’s has the best price on these that I’ve found.

1/18/2024 4:17 pm

Great Shells

by Mike

These shells have real knock-down power! I am used to shooting heviX and hevi XII, and I am now shooting these the first 2 shots and then the heviXII is my last. I am saving a ton and love these shells. I have had no problems with these shells as some others have said. Shooting a weatherby I-18.