Browning MPW VCI Gun Sock 56" Black

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Browning VCI Gun Sock 56" Black

Browning’s VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Gun Sock seals out moisture. VCI penetrates into the smallest crevices where oils cannot reach, driving out moisture. Provides full protection by forming an enclosure around your firearm from muzzle to butt stock. 

The "safe" solution. The VCI Sock, when used in a safe or cabinet, will offer additional protection to all metal items in the enclosed area. 
A few important facts: 
  • Browning’s VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Gun Sock seals out moisture. 
  • The VCI treatment of the fabric penetrates into small areas and crevices of your firearm to drive out moisture. Even areas difficult for oil to reach. 
  • Since it is a sock with full coverage, it surrounds your firearm to protect every part from corrosion and rust and from inadvertent light touches against other guns or when moving your gun in and out of your safe. 
  • Of course, the VCI is especially effective when used in a gun safe or display cabinet. 
  • The drawstring closure helps trap in the VCI for maximum effectiveness. 
  • VCIs are sometimes also referred to as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. They are proven as one of the most effective ways to inhibit corrosion for sensitive metal components -- with superior results for firearms.

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