Custom Barnwood Box Call Turkey Plaque

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The Custom Barnwood Turkey Plaque is a single fan single beard turkey plaque with beard board in the shape of box call paddle. Every piece of wood is unique due to weathering texture and age so you will get a one of a kind piece. Color and Texture may vary due to weathering.

Box Call Barnwood Turkey Plaque Features
  • Single fan single beard turkey plaque
  • Shape of a box call paddle
  • Wood is unique due to weathering
  • Color and texture may vary

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

5/2/2022 7:40 am


by Drew

I like the overall look. The turkey footprint part could be a little bigger. There is no backing supplied to hold the tail fan in place. One will have to fabricate that. You will also have to add another hanger bracket. Good value!

5/10/2022 5:57 pm

Fast shipping

by Josh

Fast shipping product arrived in great shape.

5/17/2022 7:38 am

Great product

by Ron Kurkowski

Great product, great quality! Very fast shipping!!

5/17/2022 9:10 pm

Poor workmanship

by Vadasz

Quality isn’t very good, sloppy workmanship. Had to take apart, square it up, recenter the semi-circle and reattach. Was gonna send back, but just decided to fix it.