Boeckmann Decoys MOBO Gobbler Remote Controlled Tom Turkey Decoy

Boeckmann Decoys MOBO Gobbler Remote Controlled Tom Turkey Decoy


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The MOBO Gobbler Remote Controlled Tom Turkey Decoy by Boeckmann Decoys is the first ever remote controlled turkey decoy! This decoy will change the way you hunt forever! If a bird is out of range or hung up with hens, simply drive the decoy to him to and bring him right to your setup. Old toms cannot resist this decoy and it works amazingly on field birds. Gobbler is for anyone and everyone. Women, children, pro or beginner, it doesn’t matter! The Mobo Gobbler is guaranteed to increase your turkey hunting success!
The Mobo Gobbler is a 4wd drive remote controlled turkey decoy with rechargeable battery and 1 hour run time.

  • 7 lbs and easily portable
  • 4x4 drive system
  • Water resistant
  • Roughly 250 yard range
  • Runt time: 1 hour
  • Batter 7.2v 2000mAh Nimm charger included
  • Electric brushed motor
  • Forward and reverse low torque transmission
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)

Ratings & Reviews

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Should be very entertaining in the blind!

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I just got the decoy and thought i should share some information. The rc part of the decoy is made by redcat. You can go to their website and purchase parts if you break something. The back tires have been locked down straight which makes the turning radius from center of vehicle about 11 ft.; quite large but manageable in a field. I purchased an extra servo and parts to unlock the back tires and to better the turning radius. I spent another $114 but that included a $38 extra battery. The decoy is attached w 1/4" all thread with the back t which supports the tail having a 5" drywall screw welded to the allthread. The screw is screwed into a plastic part fastened to the axles bell housing. I plan on changing that as you wouldn't want to allow a turkey to jump up on the decoy. That would break quick even with normal use i would think. I think i will make a frame or something better and more durable. The decoy is nice. I like the flocking and it is black. Fake tail not like real one in ad

This decoy is a game changer

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My 11 year old son killed two birds this weekend using this decoy. The birds were strutting down a gas pipeline with several hens. I drove the decoy out into the pipeline and those birds charged down the pipeline from at least 200 yards looking for a fight....Simply Amazing results!!!

This thing is awesome! I had a gobbler actually charge this decoy and try to fight!

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Awesome product! Recommending this to all my friends!

Not so great

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Would not recommend

Incredibly realistic and highly entertaining!

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I had my doubts with the wheels showing, but its never phased them. This will be our second season using one. It's definitely a lot more entertaining than a chicken on a stick. Just wait until they chase you down and knock it over! I know my kids love it!

This is a show stopper! Trucks lined up to watch!

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Innovative high tech option. Minus a star because a little lacking in assembly instruction for decoy fit up to the running gear (for the price). Otherwise - pure fun & awesome effectiveness. Be aware though - operating this decoy in public may cause sinfully perverse feelings of satisfaction when you discover how much fun it is to dupe the competition while they are eyeballing & trying to roost a "mobo" bird! - hah!

Great tool


I decided to use a hen decoy on mine. Very easy to adapt. I love this thing. Used it all spring for field hunting. Great entertainment when things get slow.. Run it out towards a hung up gobbler to tease him and bring him in. Really takes away that helpless feeling on a hung up bird. Ever had a hen walk up to a hung up gobbler and go off with him? Use the mobo to gently run the intruding hen off and then tease the gobbler in. Stock battery has plenty of run time. Range is awesome, well over 100 yards. Super when you have a kid in the blind and he gets bored. Even the kid can run it. Four stars because it does not like tall grass or really rough ground. It's also pretty awkward to carry with all the other gear I carry, but it's worth it.