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Bobby Garland Crappie Shooter Fishing Lure - 1.5 Inch

Bobby Garland Crappie Shooter Fishing Lure - 1.5 Inch



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Bobby Garland Crappie Shooter Fishing Lure - 1.5 Inch. Big crappies love overhead cover. Here's the perfect lure for "shooting" under those docks and overhangs where the slabs grow fat and lazy. The Bobby Garland Crappie Shooter is a slim, broad-bodied shad bait that's designed to skip across the surface and underneath overhead cover, then slowly fall in a realistic horizontal position. Its "boat-hull" belly shape and spear-shaped tail give it a fluttering, side-to-side gliding motion on the descent, much like a small shad or minnow in distress—easy pickin's for that hungry crappie lying in wait. The Crappie Shooter's flat back features a molded centerline for easy hook alignment; realistic colors perfectly imitate typical dock forage.
  • Perfect for "shooting" to docks and overhangs
  • Easily gets into places other lures can't
  • Slim, broad-bodied shad bait
  • Designed to skip over the surface and underneath cover
  • Realistic horizontal fall
  • Fluttering, dying-baitfish motion on descent
  • Flat back, "boat-hull" belly, spear-shaped tail
  • Centerline hook alignment guide for easy rigging

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