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Birchwood Shoot -N-C Self Adhesive Round X Target

Birchwood Shoot -N-C Self Adhesive Round X Target

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BIRCHWOOD CASEY manufactures a wide range of targets including their patented self-adhesive Shoot -N-C�Targets that explode in a bright fluorescent green ring of color around each bullet hole.�The new Dirty Bird targets produce a splatter of white that appears upon bullet impact which allows you to immediately spot each shot at a price per target comparable to paper. We also offer self-adhesive Target Spots a convenient Portable Shooting Range World of Targets Steel Spinners in animal shapes or circles and much more!

The Birchwood Round X Targets have contrasting crosshair design that makes lining up your scope crosshairs a snap. Use as a sight-in target or for general purpose. Each sheet contains extra pasters that match the center aiming point because that is where you will be hitting the most anyway! These 8 inch X Targets come with 200 pasters and 50 targets per pack.

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