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Bee Stinger Maxx 8" Bow Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Maxx 8" Bow Stabilizer


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Bee Stinger Pro-Hunter B Stinger Maxx 8 Inch Stabilizer is specially designed with an Internal Harmonic Dampener to dissipate high frequency vibration. The length of the stabilizer provides better leverage and reaction to your shot. Includes an 8 ounce end weight built to obtain the maximum amount of inertia for the given length of the stabilizer.

Smart Carbon Technology increases the rigidness of the rod to maximize durability and stability. The Pro Hunter Stabilizer is made out of machined solid aluminum caps for a lightweight structure that doesn't compromise on integrity.

  • Internal Harmonic Dampener dissipates vibration
  • End weight can handle powerful inertia
  • Smart Carbon Technology is durable and stable
  • Lightweight machined solid aluminum caps

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