Banded RedZone 2.0 Breathable Chest Wader - Uninsulated

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Banded RedZone 2.0 Breathable Uninsulated Chest Waders raises the standard in breathable hunting waders. The RedZone Breathable Waders first launched in 2012 and were heralded for superior comfort and trusted for all-conditions performance. Now, through relentless pursuit of perfection, Banded has raised the bar even higher. From RedZone to RedZone 2.0, Banded has made the best wader even better. More comfort, more performance, more feature-packed details and more durable than ever. The RedZone 2.0 line of waders are the most technologically advanced waders in waterfowl. And, it’s not even close. Featuring the latest in cutting-edge fabric and seam technologies and improvements from top to bottom. You’re in for the best wading experience of your life.

  • RZ - CLINCHFIT STRAP SYSTEM with over-the-boot, removable protective pant connects with an easy to use built in belt system, eliminating stitching, to provide long lasting durability and sensational comfort.
  • Reconfigured anatomical seam mapping mirrors body movement, dramatically reducing seam fatigue
  • GO-FLATSEAM assembly with single stitch design provides an ultra - smooth, lay - flat surface to securely seat waterproof taping, while reducing the total seam stitch - count by over 50%
  • RZ-TRACTION Boot is anatomically molded to match foot movement with a unique deep - fluted traction pattern that grips, flexes, and responds for maximum traction and stability
  • GO3-LAYER fabric construction is lightweight and provides superior durability and performance
  • SHEDS Waterproof Breathable Technology
  • HARS Insulation Technology (with insulated models)
  • 1600 gram Thinsulate Insulated Boot
  • Mobility enhancing articulated knee design allows maximum range of motion
  • Designated area for custom embroidering. A great spot for a name or hunting club logo. (Embroidery not included with purchase)
  • Fleece lined hand warmer chest pocket
  • Internal flip - up device pocket allows touch screen use while enclosed
  • 900D Reinforced Knee for maxi mum durability
  • Six easy grab shell loops on chest perfectly angled for natural arm rotation
  • Adjustable suspenders and belt for adaptability
  • Uninsulated Wader Comfort Rating: 32 F to 70 F Degrees
  • New 2-year warranty on all RedZone 2.0 Waders
12/7/2019 9:52 am


by Mike Roy

Moved from a neoprene wader to these uninsulated breathable based on a recommendation. I have hunted in some pretty nasty conditions and stayed warm, dry and comfortable. The 2.0 waders are built as solid as my Simms Fishing waders. I look fwd to getting a long, productive hunting life out of these bad boys.

On a separate note - the service at MPW is spectacular.

1/16/2020 8:56 am

Terrible, leaked and Banded does not help you

by J D

Leaked within one year both legs on seems - contacted Banded and they never responded - don’t buy

1/16/2020 11:43 am

Leak and bad service with Banded Corp

by JD

Leaked within one year - contacted Banded on warranty - no response- This is no knock with Mack’s they are 5 Stars -
But Banded - one star

11/14/2020 12:29 pm

Waders Leak.

by CJ

2nd year with these waders. 1st day of second season with them, both legs leaked. I maintained these in a dry place free of mice, etc. Do not buy!!

11/23/2020 9:52 am

Just like the Titanic leaked on the first trip!

by S D

! Bought these, and on the first hunt both legs leaked!!! It is criminal how much Banded charges for these and they leak so much. I will try and get these returned on warranty. I would stay away from these. I should have known better than buy them. The reviews on them are true these are crap.

12/1/2020 5:37 pm

Band aide waders leak

by Wilbur Bean

Horrible purchase wore these waders one season stored them by hanging them in a closet got them out for the next season and every seem leaked from boot to crotch if I could rate zero stars I would or maybe I should give band aide a brake maybe the factory in China ran out of glue for the seems that day. Bought Sitka waders this is my first season with them the difference in quality is undeniable spend the money and get what you pay for plus they are made in America.

12/31/2020 2:29 pm

not worth the money

by bad

had mine two years kept clean and dry this year the boots cracked in two years i probably used them less than 20 times they were not cheep won't buy again

1/20/2021 6:08 pm

Bang for your buck!

by Jordan H

I bought these waders on sale last year before duck hunting season started. I had used neoprene waders previously, and was always uncomfortable. These waders were a game changer for me. I can finally move freely, i can layer up or down depending on the weather, and they have held up wonderfully. I hunt the public refuges, with lots of walking, and sitting waist deep in the water all day, As well as many days at the duck club in a blind. So far, so good! The boots are extremely comfortable too. I have probably used them 16-18x this season. And i still have 5 hunt days left. I always rinse when im finished and hang up by the boots to dry/store. Looking forward to wearing these next season as well. Worth the money IMO.

1/17/2022 7:01 pm


by JAY

Great waders

1/30/2022 10:36 pm

Utter Garbage!!!!

by S Butcher

Should have known better!!! The reviews on these were horrible, but I figured maybe the others were stretching the truth a bit and I wouldn’t have any problems. Holy cow! Hunted 3 times and they started leaking in both legs up the seams. I reasoned not buying the Sitka waders because I could almost purchase 3 pair of these over the years, if they wore out, to equal the cost of buying the one pair of Sitkas. Besides, I figured these would at least last 3 years…NOT ONLY 3 HUNTS!!! This year, I just bought the Sitkas. I couldn’t stomach messing with the clowns at Banded and the warranty hassle so I just S-canned these. So, in the end, my new Sitkas cost me $400 more than they should have. But, I’d gladly pay twice that amount to not have to wear this Banded trash again. Read and believe the reviews… DO NOT BUY!!!!

12/12/2022 5:48 pm

Over price, over rated

by CD

Did not last 4 usage. Over priced Over rated.
Not satisficed with Banded at all.