Banded 5MM Camouflage Dog Parka

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The Banded 5MM Camouflage Dog Parka was designed to keep your hunting dog's best interest in mind. The 5mm Dog Parka is designed to protect your dog from dangerous snags in the field while keeping your dog comfortable by trapping in body heat. This parka features 5mm spandura neoprene construction a heavy-duty zipper and a dog leash clip. The intergraded floatation padding ensures additional buoyancy and the added easy lift handles makes for easy grabbing. The dog parka can also be trimmed around neck and leg areas for a snug perfect fit. It has never been easier to keep you hunting pal comfortable and protected so he will perform at his best.

  • Made to protect your hunting dog from snags in the field
  • Traps in much needed body heat
  • Heavy-duty zipper and dog leash clip
  • Intergraded floatation padding
  • Easy lift handles
  • Can be trimmed for a perfect fit around hte neck and leg areas
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

5/31/2017 9:52 am

Good product!

by Joseph

The best vest for my dog!

4/5/2019 8:06 pm

Good buy, I liked it

by Tony

Got this for my girl Margo and while I did have it fitted for her at a seamstress it's worked perfectly she's dry as a bone about an 1 1/2" in and kept her hunting in northern Minnesota into November also loved the personalized stitching Macks did to help keep the gear straight with the other dogs

12/9/2019 11:59 pm

Improper fit through neckline

by Mel W

I bought this dog parka and I'm extremely unhappy with the fit. The quality is there in the materials used but the neckline of the vest is improperly sized and very loose. I would stick with the Avery vest as the two people besides myself who have this best I having problems with the neckline on are retrievers

12/8/2021 2:39 pm

Great Vest

by Dawn Johnson

Vest arrived fast n fits my dog great. Really great product.

12/11/2021 9:50 pm

Big Dog vest, that fits 😊😊

by Washington avid

Have been very happy with the Customer service, the Banded 5mm was undersized for a 3 x Neoprene dog vest ,, My existing 2 X At least fits,, the Banded vest was smaller, happy to ship it back, Daunte Macks reprisentitve is Dialing me into an Avery 5X many thanks to him, he called me back to let me know to they are arriving in stock soon, getting cold up here for the last month of the Season, Willie Needs some help staying Warm. 😊