Avery Marsh Seat

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The Avery Marsh Seat is the ideal solution to give the hunter the perfect comfort in the right area. Built lightweight but durable and the compact folding design makes moving to that perfect spot in a hurry as easy as the next hunt.

  • Built with Rust-Proof fluted Aluminum
  • Retractable Marsh Feet
  • Adjusts from 27 to 37 inches
  • 12 x 7.75 inces padded seat
  • Shoulder strap
  • Compact folding design
  • 3.90 Pounds

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

5/31/2017 10:15 am

A knee saver!

by Greyson

This is of great quality, it's by avery! It works flawlessly and isn't too heavy. It is great being able to sit, instead of on my knees. Definitely worth the money!

1/22/2018 5:20 pm

Outstanding Quality

by Hunter

Great Quality and makes hunting more comfortable and enjoyable.

5/18/2019 10:36 pm

Great little marsh seat

by Bill

I have used this seat for 4 seasons now and have never had a problem with it. I like that it's height can be adjusted. It can be easily carried or folded up to fit in the bottom of a jet sled. Mud does get caked up inside of the folding feet but is easily removed.

4/8/2020 8:29 am

Good enough stool, but weak hardware

by LR

Purchased two of these. Used both the next two mornings, then two other mornings the following week before the season ended. The stool themselves are sturdy, easily adjustable, and provide a solid sitting position in the muck. However, the rings that hold the carrying straps onto the post are made of soft, small gauge wire. The bottom ring on one chair deformed and broke on the very first morning, with setting and pulling it up from the mud bottom of a flooded field only twice. The bottom ring on the second chair deformed to the point of breaking. The top rings of both chairs deformed in just the time it took to walk the 1/4 mile distance to and from our hunting spot from just shouldering the strap along with gun, bag, and decoys. For $60 each, I expect sturdier hardware, given its intended use.

9/9/2020 11:45 am

Work great!!!


Bought 2 of these for myself and my son to us while Duck and Dove Hunting. So far, they seem to work great. Easy to set up and relatively comfortable. they do exactly what we got them for.

9/21/2020 9:25 am

Nice seat.

by JB

This is sturdier than other swamp seats I've used in the past. That took the time to weld the tubing closed where it interfaces with the seat bracket. Older marsh seats are open there and eventually the metal seems to get beat up. Well made.

1/28/2023 11:21 am

Marsh seat

by Matt

Overall it’s a great product
I went with this seat because it could be used in deeper water and it was one of the lighter weight seats available

It did great out in the elements

2/1/2023 4:27 pm


by rob kest

Seat works perfect

10/26/2023 1:57 pm

Years of Service

by Michael

I've had this seat for YEARS - at least 15. I don't use it every time I hunt, but this has stood up to the test of time and I'm larger than average, weighing between 220 and 250# during this time. In that time, friends have gone through 2 - 3 of all other types of marsh seats. - Northern Flight? Forget about it!