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Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit

Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit



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The Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit 

  • Ultra-realistic concealment material will blend into cut grain            fields, flooded fields, willows and most field backgrounds
  • Conceals 1 full size blind or 2 mid-size blinds
  • Individual strands of synthetic raffia grass in bundles
  • Rot and mildew resistant

  • The Killer Weed Layout Blind Kit is the most effective concealment ever available. These kits allow you to choose the exact KillerWeed for the environment you hunt. KillerWeed is crafted from natural grasses that have been dyed to match actual environmental conditions then mixed together to create the most efficient camo blind material ever.

    The KillerWeed Single Kits work great for complimenting Avery's all new Five-color All-Terrain Kit, Golden Harvest Kit, WinterWheat Kit or alone for a single specific environments. These kits can also be used together for hunting in just about any environment including cut grain fields willows flooded fields green grass or about anything in between. Just choose whatever style that best suits your environment and watch your blind disappear. Use alone or mix match to disappear.

    Unbelievably durable and weather resistant KillerWeed is the perfect camo cover for your layout blind. Each 2-pound layout blind kit will fully conceal any layout-style ground blind or use to touch up your dog blind pit blinds or boat blinds. Brush your blind once and hunt all season!

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    10/2/2019 6:22 am

    Tough, but not enough grass.

    by Jbob

    Very sturdy material, and the colors contrast well and add depth. However, 5 pounds is not nearly enough to brush in a Layout blind as far as I’m concerned. Unless you have good vegetation near your site to finish the brush in plan on buying two bundles. That’s the only reason I didn’t give it five stars because I had to buy two.