Avery 5mm Boater's Hunting Dog Parka

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This great Avery Boaters Hunting Dog Parka is the culmination of Avery's 10 year experience making dog vests along with listening to suggestions from thousands of waterfowl hunters! The 5mm neoprene fabric has a sewn in webbing harness that holds your dog's weight. The steel D-rings will eliminate the need for a collar and the Velcro torso adjuster will ensure a perfect fit. All seams are glued and stitched just like waders. Your dog will stay warm and will love you for this one! Plus a portion of the sales of every Avery Dog Parka goes to help conserve North American Wetlands.

NOTE: The Avery Hunting Dog Parkas no longer have the flotation devices.

  • 5mm neoprene with tough DuraStretch outer
  • Interior webbing harness holds dog's weight
  • Quick-grab slot handles for effortless re-entry
  • Steel D-rings eliminate the need for a collar
  • Heavy-duty zipper & cold-weather pull tab
  • Velcro Torso Adjuster for a perfect fit
  • Tapered cut for maximum body coverage
  • Double bar tacked seams for customizing
  • All seams are glued and stitched just like waders
  • 5 time-tested sizes to fit any hunting dog
Size Chart:
S 15"    24"
M 17"    26"
L 18"    28"
XL 19"    31"
2XL 20"    33"
3XL 21"    35"
4XL 26"    36"
5XL 27"    38"

Canine Hypothermia can be deadly so know the symptoms and be prepared to administer treatment.
Symptoms: Mild symptoms include violent uncontrolled shivering followed by lethargy and shallow breathing. Severe stages include 97 F rectal temperature or lower and severe lack of coordination followed by collapse and or coma.

Treatment Afield: Dry the dog completely and thoroughly. Wrap him in jackets or coats use whatever you can use to raise your dog's body temperature. Once you have gotten your dog out of the elements...use a hair dryer heating pads or a warm bath. Seek veterinary care as soon as rectal temperature is above 101.5 F.

Retrievers like humans perform much better when their core body temperatures are normal – not too hot and not too cold. Once a dog's core temperature begins dropping his concentration goes with it. If it goes too low his cognitive functions begin to fail. A neoprene vest is no different to your dog than your waders are to you because it helps him retain body heat which dries his coat faster after each retrieve. Contrary to popular belief retrievers are not bullet-proof so please take the time to zip em' up!

Dr. Jason Zerrer Avery Sporting Dog Specialist

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5/31/2017 9:50 am


by Sandy

Excellent product! I love this product for my dog!

7/27/2017 1:28 pm

Runs Very Small

by Vincent

I measured my lab with a chest measurement of 31 1/2" so I bought a 2XL to allow for a little breathing room and filling out since he's about a year old. Turns out that a 2XL is so tight on him that I couldn't zip up the vest. These vests run really small and don't fit true to the size chart. It looks like a good vest but it doesn't fit according to the sizing so I have to return it.

10/24/2018 7:39 am

great quality product, my lab is 62Lbs and a large

by Hunter

great quality product, my lab is 62Lbs and a large is tight but fits in the correct places. shes 9.5 months and she will probably grow a bit more which will make me go up to an XL.

11/12/2019 1:02 pm

avery 5xl dog vest

by Dave R.

I have searched far and wide for a vest for my 97 lb. lab. After buying several different vests to try to get one to fit my lab. I did find this avery in size 5xl. it is very baggy in the chest area and very tight to get it to zip up. almost gave up trying to zip it up a few times, its way to tight. my dog got Hugh sores behind his front legs and couldn't hunt with it on after day one. this vest just didn't fit my lab and was surprised how tight it was even at 5xl.

10/24/2021 11:57 pm

Great… but watch for this

by David

Great vest …quality is excellent…but check the fit behind the front legs…not a fault of the vest as every dog is different… but it rubbed my dog raw behind the front legs…my fault…but depending on your dog you may need to trim that area to keep that from happening

11/15/2021 3:21 am

Great dog parka

by John H

I looked all over for a large 5X dog parka and Macks Praie Wings was the only one I could find. It fits my large dog great, and he doesn't fight to keep it on.

10/9/2023 10:35 pm


by Plagueis

these vest are the best on the market. There is No dogs vest on the market is going to fit perfect. My new pups are swimming in my old dogs vests , to say something about durability . 5mm in the northeast is a must during winter hunting. Trim right and dog will be comfortable. I have spent a lot of money learning the hard way.

11/15/2023 7:59 am

dog vest

by Albert J Morgan Jr

I have a 86Lb and a 89Lb LAB THE VEST ARE HARD TO SIPP UP and are lose around the chest. I had bought the 5X and they were too big . I returned them for the 4X and had to pay shipping. The 4X fit better but they will need to be cut around the leg openings so they don't rub. They will work to keep them warm in a blind but they will not be able to wear them in the field

1/2/2024 7:21 pm

Best vest

by David Nobles

I’ve tried other dog vests but none of them work or last like Avery