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Apex Turkey 410 Ga 3" 27/32 Oz 10 Rd

Apex Turkey 410 Ga 3" 27/32 Oz 10 Rd

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Ammo Size Shot Size 9.5


Apex Turkey 410 Ga 3" 27/32 Oz 10 Rd

TSS has revolutionized the subgauges, and the 410 is the staple of that. We’ve said it before, density is king and we’ve turned the 410 into a consistent 40-50 yard turkey gun. Loaded in shot sizes of 9 1/2 and 9, we make sure you put the most pellets down range as possible. Whether you want to carry less weight in the woods, desire less recoil or want to extend the effective range for youth, this shell compromises nothing in performance. These come in boxes of 10 versus our usual 5 count boxes to maximize your value. 

Shot count per shot size: #9.5: 358 #9: 282 

Gun used is a Yildiz SPZ ME Over and Under .410. Pattern was shot out of the top barrel through a .385” Comp N Choke choke at 40 yards Apex Ammunition offers the best quality and hand-made turkey round are filled with Tungsten Super Shot at 18.1 g/cc. It’s characteristics deliver the most superior patterns and effective kill ranges of any shell on the market making you the most lethal Apex predator out there. While these rounds give you the absolute best opportunities, we will always suggest making sure you have tested and patterned with your current equipment set up and ensure your center of impact is aligned with your sights to give you the most ethical kill possible.

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