Apex Tungsten Super Shot TSS 20 Ga 3" 1-5/8 Oz Box 5 Rd

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The light and deadly 20 gauge packs more punch than anyone anticipates. Take with your the power of a 12 gauge conventional load in a 20 gauge package. 

Our Gold Turkey 20 gauge round is one of more popular products. 1 5/8 oz of high grade tungsten is sent down range and will give you the outcome you deserve. Apex Ammunition offers the best quality and hand-made turkey round are filled with Tungsten Super Shot at 18.1 g/cc. It’s characteristics deliver the most superior patterns and effective kill ranges of any shell on the market making you the most lethal Apex predator out there. While these rounds give you the absolute best opportunities, we will always suggest making sure you have tested and patterned with your current equipment set up and ensure your center of impact is aligned with your sights to give you the most ethical kill possible.

5 Rounds Per Box

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4/4/2019 8:57 pm

Awesome Results!

by Rick

Outstanding at 40 yds with #9 shot.
317 hits in a 10 in circle. Used Indian Creek choke 555 in a 20 ga ME Benelli.

4/12/2019 1:19 pm

Amazing and Deadly

by Nick

Absolutely deadly, been using Apex out of a Franchi Affinity 20ga shooting a Jebs .565 Choke won’t be using any other turkey load.

2/8/2022 1:54 pm

Apex 20ga 1 5/8 #9 Shot

by Boosie

These shells are DEADLY!!! Best I’ve Seen!!!!

9/13/2022 3:24 pm

20 ga 1 5/8 #9

by George

Pattern great, awesome product.

2/7/2023 4:16 pm

Great product. Shipping substandard for Mack's

by David

As always, Apex shells preformed exceptionally well. Shipping from Mack's, unusually, not so much. Very poor packing for such an expensive purchase.

2/21/2023 5:49 pm

Thunder chicken stopper

by Chad Smith

Great product and fast shipping!

3/24/2023 6:02 pm

Great Product

by Vernon Qualls

Great product at a great price. Easy ordering.

3/30/2023 1:03 pm


by Randy Whittington

Awesome. Great pattern out of 870 20 ga. IC .562

4/4/2023 6:47 am


by Randy

Best pattern i ve ever had. 870 20 ga. IC .562

1/3/2024 8:20 am

Apex TSS, turkey ANNIHILATOR !!!!!!

by Billy From Arkansas

I’ve been using a 12ga 3–1/2 for turkey for years and I thought it couldn’t be improved on, Man was I wrong. My hunting partner brought along his single barrel 20ga along with the Apex TSS #9. I watched him drop a bird at 64 yards like it had been hit by a freight train. The bird never even quivered. I used his gun for my bird the next hour, it wasn’t as far, 44yds, but the same results. No more running out there to stomp their heads. I’m sold on Apex TSS. I

1/9/2024 2:55 pm

Apex turkey loads

by Robert

Great turkey loads, excellent service, thanks!

1/10/2024 9:29 pm

Best turkey AMMO

by Rick

Great price on a proven turkey load !!!

1/26/2024 2:18 pm

Apex GT-20 TSS

by Bronson Koeber

Amazing turkey shells. I’m shooting this in a Remington 870 20 gauge with an Indian Creek .562 Black Diamond choke with a 21” barrel and it shoots lights out at 40 yards. I will be buying more