Antler Shed Deluxe 5x8 Blind - In Store Only

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Antler Shed Deluxe 5x8 Blind - In Store Only.
FRAME: 1”x 1” and 1”x2” and 1”x3” welded Square tubing. Frame is Powder Coated.
FLOOR: ¾” marine plywood 40 yr guarantee.
EXTERIOR: Walls & roof are 26ga. Metal with baked on finish (Mossy Oak Bottom Land, 40 yr warranty).
CEILING: Ht: 6’5” in 4′ wide stands and 7′ in all 5′ wide stands from floor to ceiling peak.
ROOF: 45° pitched roof was designed to deflect rain from a direct impact making it one of the quietest stands on the market, also helps keep roof clear of debris.
INTERIOR: Floors / walls / ceiling / have commercial grade indoor outdoor carpet laminated to the inside of the sheet metal with an exterior grade glue.The carpet helps with sound proofing the stands, this makes our stands one of the quietest on the market.
WINDOWS: 360° view, horizontal sliding 3/16” tinted Plexiglass. Plexiglass will not freeze and stick together like glass. Our tracks are vinyl with rain grooves cut in them. Hard to see in but easy to see out. Drip ledges over all windows. We also now have an optional drop window that is adjustable to any height and will allow you to open all the windows at one time if you like.
SHELVES: 4” wide carpeted shooting shelves in all the windows, 6” x 48” shelf located over rear window” adjusts in & out to accommodate large items. All the shelves are walmonized to prevent decay from moisture or insects. All stands come with a second row of shelves 6″ wide located 7″ below windows. This is very convenient for setting things and keeping movement below windows. Most importantly the 2 end shelves move as shown in the pictures and this allows you to prop your elbow to stabilize your shot from any angle in the stand. Great for kids and long range shots.Important to note: On the majority of the stands on the market, the window tracks are exposed and will hang your gun, make noise and even scratch your gun. All of our window shooting rails are a 1/4″ above the track. This is one of the 1st things our hunters notice about our stands.
LEG SOCKETS: 4″x 4″x 6″ long sq tube sockets are welded on all 4 corners to accept our 3” sq tube legs or accepts a standard 4”x 4” post. Comes with 4- ½” set screws in each socket.
DOOR: Key lock RV door latch.

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