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80 Below Full Synthetic Sporting Oil - 6 Ounce

80 Below Full Synthetic Sporting Oil - 6 Ounce


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80 Below Full Synthetic Sporting Oil - 6 Ounce
80 Below is a 100% Full Synthetic Extreme Temperature Sporting Oil developed to withstand everything mother nature throws at it. Engineered to combat the problem very high moisture and cold environments inflict on all mechanisms. Apply 80 Below to firearms, auto, marine, farm and ranch, locks, chains, bearings, and/or everything. For Problem Free Functionality and extreme efficiency; outdoor or indoor. Stop letting the world be the judge of what you can or can't do. It's your turn to judge.

-Cleans, Penetrates, Protects, & Lubricates
-Use on all Sporting Mechanisms
-Firearm, Fishing Reel, ATV, Snowmobile, etc.

Features Include: 
- operating range of -80˚F to +465˚F
- Pour Point -90°F
- Flash Point +475°F
- eco friendly
- Odorless
- Anti-Wear Properties
- AW and EP additive (anti-wear and Extreme pressure)
- Wear and Corrosion Protection over wide Temperature ranges
- Rust Inhibitor
- Non-Drip Characteristics
- Non-wax based
- Thermal Heat Conductivity from lubricated parts- Cleans internal Residues and other contaminates
- Helps keep surfaces clean and deters foreign deposits
- Excellent Penetration Properties
- wide viscosity index

Directions For Use
1. Store can at room temperature for best results
2. Shake can well for 10 seconds before spraying
3. Hold can in upright position 6-10 inches from part to be lubricated 
4. Spray; allow to penetrate and set. Wipe away any excess lube.

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2/10/2018 7:44 pm

Applied it to one my guns, now I'm hooked! Superb Lubricant!

by Clark

I purchased a brand new Kimber 1911 that I thought was real smooth from first impressions. However, during my first shoot with the Kimber, the pistol had jammed once out of 2 magazines.
<br>I grabbed some 80 Below and decided to use it on the pistol. The difference in racking the slide and overall performace of the gun was instantly noticeable. I have shot +500 rounds through the Kimber so far since using 80 Below, and the gun runs like a dream with no problems at all.
<br>I use this for all of my firearms now, and the performance difference is real. This stuff is smooth!

2/14/2018 8:19 pm

Work GREAT on everything I have tried!!!

by Josh

Had a new A5 hanging hulls, The guide I was hunting with had a can of 80Below, said use that if you want your gun to shot he was so right. 80Below is the only life I use. Works great on mudmotor throttle cables,locks on lease gates have never open so easy.

2/14/2018 8:41 pm

Just try it!!!!

by Jacob C

This is the absolute best sporting oil out there! Run it on everything I own and that's not limited to guns. I no longer own any other oil but 80 Below.

2/15/2018 10:09 am


by Wayne

I've seen a few tests conducted with 80 Below under extreme conditions. The results impressed me so much that I decided to give it a try. My own experience has been nothing short of spectacular. This is a decent sized spray bottle, and doesn't take much to cover a wide area. use sparingly and spread it over the metal surface to be protected. It is designed to seep into the metal pores. lightly wipe off with a rag. This is one of the best products out there, in my opinion, for long-time storage and performance in extreme conditions. I heard that they now have a grease, but I have yet to have a chance to try it out. I would expect a high-quality product in the grease form with these guys as well.

2/15/2018 1:11 pm


by Johnathon

Best oil I have ever used and I have used a bunch. You won't go wrong with this Sporting Oil!!!

2/15/2018 2:29 pm

Like An Old Friend

by Keith

Like an old friend, this product is one I know I can count on. This is a high-quality oil/lubricant that can be used for far more than just guns but works great as an all purpose gun lube. I have used it on my reels at my fishing lodge in Alaska with great success. If you are looking for a product that can handle extreme conditions, and outperform every gun oil you’ve ever used... look no further than 80 Below.

2/19/2018 6:18 pm


by Jake Schmitt

I was fortunate enough to field test this product on two sea duck hunts on the east coast, as well as our regular hunting season for two years now. We found it to be incredibly reliable with no issues to date. All my other oils are collecting dust now. Paper weights.

2/23/2018 1:44 pm

Get you some!

by Alex

I love this stuff! Its the only oil ill use in my Benellis. Took a can up to Saskatchewan and fell in love with it. Safe for all finishes and even wood. I also do some work as a gunsmith and this is the only oil I use when a customer brings in a gun to clean. I highly recommend 80 below!

3/1/2018 5:40 pm

It's great

by Hayden

It's a great product

3/7/2018 8:24 am

A new essential for the advid sportsmen

by Mike

By far the best product offered in this line for gun cleaning and lubrication.

4/24/2018 10:17 pm

Perfect spray oil

by Joe

I love this stuff. I've used it on all my firearms, including my 1911 I carry daily. It works well, coats nicely and makes everything nice and slick just like it's supposed to.
<br>I've also used this on my garage door rails & rollers to keep them gliding along in the Illinois winter.

7/4/2018 2:10 pm

Revival of a Relic! Unbelievable!!

by Tony B.

I was recently in Linn Creek, Mo., 50th Anniversary Trap Shoot, and purchased a can of 80 Below from a vendor there. He explained to me all the positives about 80 Below. I must admit that I'm a bit of a skeptic. But when I went to work on my grandfather's model 62 Winchester, I was amazed at how clean and functional it became! Once again, it's ready to see action that hasn't seen in many many years. After a good cleaning, it's working flawlessly. I am NOW a believer. I'm glad to see that Mack's Prairie Wings is carrying this product!!

8/3/2018 10:00 am


by Uncle Rick

Hands down the best gun oil I have ever used. It doesn't smell, and works in some of the harshest environments I have ever hunted. My cold fingers have not touched a jammed shell since using this product.
<br>I am asking for HELP because my wife has stolen my can for use on squeaky doors, hinges, stuck zippers, etc. She has always dreaded using WD-40 for these applications because of the smell, but has now found 80 Below!
<br>I am buying two more cans now, and will hide them for my own personal use.

9/11/2018 7:45 am

ODORLESS and tested WOW!

by Jim deerhunter

Can you believe, an oil that claims to be odorless and is for real, I have sprayed some by licks and it has gone unnoticed by the deer on my trail cam

10/22/2018 2:23 pm

If in needs oiling this product WORKS.

by Thomas Warren

Used this on my girls Bikes the chains were rusted and stiff, I sprayed the 80 below and rotated them a few times and they work like new.
<br>Also use in on just about every thing in my shop that needs oiling. Works great on hinges and locks.

10/22/2018 2:27 pm

Great Household Product. If it squeaks, oil it with 80 BELOW.

by Camy Dean

My drier was making a noise like it was going to fly apart, husband took it apart and oiled the roller gears and bearings with 80 BELOW and now it is quiet
<br>I don't know it is on.

11/27/2019 9:34 pm

Phenomenal Product!

by Shawn

I’d like to give a thumbs up on 80 below. I just got back from hunting in Saskatchewan. One of the guides introduced us to 80 below. It performed flawlessly in really cold temperatures. I’m a believer! Anyone looking for a superior gun oil, I highly recommend it!