80 Below Action Lube Grease 2 oz Jar

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80 Below Action Lube Grease - 2oz Jar

80 Below is a 100% Full Synthetic Extreme Temperature Sporting Oil developed to withstand everything mother nature throws at it. Engineered to combat the problem very high moisture and cold environments inflict on all mechanisms. Apply 80 Below to firearms, auto, marine, farm and ranch, locks, chains, bearings, and/or everything.

For Problem Free Functionality and extreme efficiency; outdoor or indoor. Stop letting the world be the judge of what you can or can’t do. It’s your turn to judge.

100% Full Synthetic
Extreme Low - temperature Grease
All-Climate Performance
Excellent E.P. and Anti-Wear Properties
Outstanding Rust and Corrosion Control
Fishing Reels
Mechanical Parts
Sporting Gear

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3/7/2018 7:24 am

Best on market

by Hunter KY

I hunt everything, I have never used a gun grease that works like 80Below, Smooth & Slick WOW, good job Tricities!

3/7/2018 8:17 am

New Product That Delivers Results Until NOW only Hoped For.

by Mike

A completely superior product, useful 365 days a year. If the liberals find out about it they will want it ban to. Recommend that you keep some around at all times for vehicles, equipment and farm machinery.

3/26/2018 6:32 am

80 Below works for everything.

by James

I started using 80 Below on my firearms,and am also using it on my door hinges on my vehicle and my fishing reels.I am completely happy with this product,and am looking for other things to try it out on.

4/24/2018 10:33 pm

Works anywhere you need lube to stay put

by Joe

I absolutely love 80 Below's Action Lube! I use it everywhere something needs to stay slick and the lube needs to stay put. I've used this on all my firearms in all the places that need something a little more substantial than the 80 Below oil. I used to use Frog Lube, but since I discovered this stuff I haven't used Frog Lube at all, this is much slicker and even stays put better than other lubes I've used.

I've recently used this to lubricate the tilt/pan head on my camera tripod and it now works better than it did new!

My kids are into Nerf blasters and since this is safe for plastics, it makes a fantastic lube for the internals and keeps them running smoothly.

I've also used this on the pivot points of my folding knives, it keeps them easy to open.

1/17/2022 5:55 pm

80 Below - a grease you need to try!

by Chuck

I’ve used 80 Below grease for over four years on my Caesar Guerini Invictus trap gun and it does not show any type of wear. I shoot 8-10,000 rounds per year. My wife had a hard time opening her Browning BT99 and after using 80 Below, she doesn’t struggle any more. Works well on choke tube threads also.