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Product Description
The Nite Lite Wizard Rechargable 6V LED Hunting Headlamp is the perfect all-purpose utility light for hunting, fishing, camping and more. Versatile, compact, easy to use and weighing just under three pounds, the Nite Lite Wizard is popular with hunters and outdoorsmen alike.

The Nite Lite Wizard can be used as a hands-free headlamp, a hand-held lantern or a belt-worn walking light. Features include the LED headlamp with an adjustable beam and the Nite Lite rechargeable 6-volt gell battery system. Package includes: Rheohead headlamp with black soft cap, rechargeable battery pack, padded case and wall charger. The LEDs offer twice the brightness that normal incandescent bulbs will offer. The Lo-Pro soft twill cap has a padded protective insert and and a hand hold battery pack so that you have the option of either wearing the lamp on your head or snapping it onto the battery pack for easy carrying. The convienent belt clip allows you to use it as a walking lamp and retain the use of your hands.

Two brightness settings allow you to change the brightness according to your needs. A charge on the 6 Volt gel battery will last 20 hours at full power, and three times as long, 60 hours, on the low brightness setting! When the charge runs all the way down the light will issue a strobe signal so that you know its time to head back to the truck and swap out or charge your battery.