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Product Description
RCBS Explorer Reloading Kit is filled with some of the most important equipment veteran and beginner reloaders alike need for reloading. Kit includes solid, reliable tools at a money-saving deal, compared to buying the tools separately. Includes a Uniflow powder measure, 1,500-grain digital mini-scale (batteries included), hand-priming tool, universal case-loading block, debur tool, powder funnel and 4-oz. bottle of Case Slick spray lube.

Additional larger components included:
Reloader Special-5 press ­– Sturdy, single-stage press is built to last a lifetime. Comfortable ball handle and integrated primer arm allow you to prime and resize cases at the same time. The O-frame is constructed of high-strength aircraft aluminum with a 30° offset. Center handle location makes the press easy to use for both right- and left-handed users. A spent-primer collection system keeps the process clean and makes disposing of spent primers convenient. Dies and shell holder not included.