Macksimum Seam Sealer Waders
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Product Description
Find more style and fun with the Honk Quack Bang Flat Braid Survival Necklace with MPW Bands. This longer styled necklace is a cool Para-Hemp duck band necklace, made with hemp and paracord in an awesome OD Green and Camo color combination with two middle stripes braided into the center. It includes five MPW duck bands. Necklace closure is a curved plastic side release buckle. Made in the USA.

The Fowl Life Signature Series is a product line of Honk Quack Bang and is inspired by Chad Belding of the Fowl Life and Team Maniac. The folks at Honk Quack Bang met Chad last year at the Game Fair in Minnesota. They had just started making their Para cord jewelry with the duck and goose bands. Chad bought the first banded necklace they ever made. A couple of months later, they received an email from Chad. He wanted to let HQB know all the inquiries he was getting about the necklace and was sending folks their way. Chad wears the necklace on his show, The Fowl Life with Chad Belding, airing on the Sportsman's Channel.

Team Maniac are madmen - dedicated waterfowl hunters, traveling in constant pursuit of ducks and geese. It is their passion and way of life. This inspired HQB to make a product line that is stylish, tough and represents the waterfowl hunter's passion.