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Product Description
Do not miss another moment in the woods after you mount the Predator Trail Cams Traileye XP Camera. The Predator Trail Cams Traileye XP Camera has a memory capability up to 16 gigabytes and will mark each image with a date and time stamp. Equipped with true infrared technology, the Predator Trail Cams Traileye XP Camera can capture images up to 40 feet away at night! With the speed and distance the Predator Trail Cams Traileye XP Camera can cover, no moment will be lost again.

  • Predator Trail Cams Traileye XP Camera
  • Adjustable Day Resolution: 5.0 / 3.0 / 1.3
  • Night Resolution: 1.3
  • Flash Range: 40 Feet
  • Video Length: 5 Seconds or 15 Seconds
  • Activation Delay: 10 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Adjustable Infrared Range: High and Low
  • Camera Lens: Polished Glass
  • Camera Viewing Angle: 52 Degrees
  • PIR Motion Sensor Angle: 55 Degrees
  • PIR Motion Sensor Range: 75 Feet Day And Night
  • Burst Images: 1 or 3 Burst Images Per Trigger
  • Memory Capability: Up to 16 Gigabytes SD
  • Operating Temperature: Minus 20 Degrees Fahrenheit To 120 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Theft Deterrence: 4 Digit Security Code
  • Image Stamp: Date, Time, Temperature, and Moon Phase
  • Battery Requirements: 10 AA
  • External Power Source: 12 Volt Locking External Auxiliary Power Jack