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Flambeau Classic Storm Front Green Winged Teal Duck Decoy 6-Pack

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Product Description

These Flambeau Classic Green Winged Teal Duck Decoys are carved by National Award winning carver Tom Christie. These new Flambeau Storm Front Classic Greenwing teals are the most natural looking teal decoys on the market. Every box includes (2) Active Drakes, (2) Skimmer Drakes, (1) Dabbler Hen, and (1) Rester Hen. An innovative keel design includes center tie points allowing for added motion on light wind days. Depth adjusting eyelet allows for hunters to change water depths without excess decoy line. Secure strap weight location ensures an easy set up and tear down. The paint schemes were also developed utilizing patent pending UVision Technology matching the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including Ultra-Violet.

Weighted keel. Classic 10.5 inch. Includes (2) active drakes, (2) resting drake, (1) resting hen adn (1) dabbler hen

Specifications and additional product information
UVision Color Technology

  • Flambeau has formed an exclusive partnership with Twilight Labs, Inc. to utilize the patent pending UVision coating technology. UVision matches the reflectance of feathers in the full range of light visible to birds, including ultraviolet (UV). Flambeau decoys are now available with colors that look correct to the birds.
  • Humans have 3 cones in their eyes and see the 3 primary sight colors.
  • Humans see 3 primary colors. All color visible to humans are blends and combinations of these three colors. Deer and mammals see 2 primary colors (green and blue) and blends and combinations of the 2 colors. Blaze orange is worn by deer hunters because deer cannot distinguish this color from other woodland colors.
  • Birds have 4 cones in their eyes and see the 3 primary sight colors and a 4th element-UV.
  • Birds see 4 primary colors. All color visible to birds are blends and combinations of these 4 colors. Humans cannot see this 4th color (UV) as we do not have the 4th cone in our eyes. Birds see the same 3 colors as humans see, PLUS an additional color in the UV spectrum.
  • Current decoy colors do not appear real to birds because all current decoy paint absorbs UV light while real bird feathers reflect UV light.
  • Waterfowl's fourth cone provide them an advantage over hunters as they have learned to associate a threat response with incorrectly colored decoys. UVision is the first paint technology that exactly matches the UV reflectance, (invisible to humans), of decoys to real birds, so that incoming birds can no longer tell the difference between a Flambeau decoy and a live bird.
  • Real bird feathers reflect UV. UV scans of a real Mallard and Canada Goose shows key feather areas that reflect UV light. UV is highly reflective in the lighter colors (white, creme, beige, and light gray).
  • UVision paint reflects UV light in the proper ratio just like real bird feathers. UV scans of a decoy painted with standard paint and one painted with UVision paint. Every color has an exact UV reflectance signature. The decoy painted with UVision paint reflects Ultraviolet light in the correct areas while the standard paint absorbs UV light. With UVision, each decoy color is perfectly matched to the proper level of UV reflectance of a real bird.
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