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    Sitka Gear Sitka Layering 101

    Sitka Gear Turning Clothing into Gear
    Sitka set out to change the way hunters think about clothing. Rather than an afterthought, clothing is some of your most important gear. It is an integral part of the outdoor arsenal.

    Sitka uses proprietary fabrics to maximize flexibility and performance. The clothing is designed to fit and move with the body. The Sitka layering system allows hunters to stay comfortable longer, regardless of conditions.

    When hunters are more comfortable, they can stay on the hunt longer, with greater success.

    Durability and Versatility
    Sitka builds durable hunting gear that is unsurpassed for weather protection and versatility. The clothing includes details that are often overlooked:
    • Flat lock seams prevent skin chafe
    • Zipper garages eliminate rattling zippers
    • Seam-free welded pockets reduce weight and bulk
    • Silicon waist tape keeps shirts tucked
    • Articulated elbows and knees offer superior mobility
    Sitka's proven layering system gives hunters flexibility for extreme ranges of weather conditions. Layers may be added or removed as conditions change.

    Optifade™ camouflage patterns are scientifically designed for the way a hunter's prey views the world. Rather than merely mimicking the surroundings, Optifade takes advantage of the way animals see, using it against them.

    Advanced materials from Gore provide protection from the elements, while maintaining breathability. Technologies such as WINDSTOPPER®, GORE-TEX® and PrimaLoft® keep you warm, dry and comfortable even in the worst conditions.

    Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is a water-resistant fabric treatment used to produce waterproof, breathable garments. The treatment prevents the outer layer of clothing from becoming saturated, allowing it to remain breathable. DWR may wear off over time, but can be reapplied using spray-on or wash-in water repellent.

    GOre Optifade Open CountryGore Optifade Open Country
    Gore Optifade Open Country camouflage is designed for ground hunting at distances of 35 yards or greater.

    Optifade Open Country emphasizes macro-pattern technology that works to break up the symmetry of the hunter's body, much like the stripes on a tiger.

    The macro-pattern technology provides horizontal disruption. This makes it ideal for ground hunting, where the terrain is horizontal in nature.

    Gore Optifade ForestGore Optifade Forest
    Gore Optifade Forest camouflage was designed with the treestand whitetail hunter in mind.

    Optifade Forest is ideal for use at distances of 20 yards or less, from stand heights of at least 15 feet. Using "Vertical Effect Compensation," Optifade Forest simulates what ungulates see when looking upward in the woods.

    Emphasizing micro-pattern technology, the Forest camo pattern creates vertical disruption, mimicking the pattern of treetops in the forest. Optifade Forest also features an increase in shading and colorization to resemble the vertical pattern of tree bark. This colorization simulates the effect of light coming down through branches and leaves.

    Gore Optifade MarshGore Optifade Marsh
    Gore Optifade Marsh is designed as the ultimate waterfowl camouflage pattern. It combines a base macro-pattern, with a swirled hexagon micro-pattern overlay to confuse birds.

    Waterfowl have tetra-chromatic vision, allowing them to see reds, green, blues, and ultraviolet. They have a wider field of vision than humans, but waterfowl vision is considerably more blurry. They typically scan while moving.

    What Birds See
    • Waterfowl have tetra-chromatic vision (red, green, blue and UV).
    • Waterfowl have a wide field of view.
    • Waterfowl vision is blurred in comparison to the 20/20 vision of humans.
    • Waterfowl scan while moving, rather than while stationary like humans and ungulates.
    • Waterfowl rely on shadow signatures to judge distances and threats.