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    Enjoy the following quick tips and don't forget to check out the Tips Archive!

    First Aid Kit
    Don’t forget to have the first aid kit while doing Outdoor Activities

    Go Green!
    Start early and plant some live flagration around your favorite blind to enhance it for fall.

    Heat Exhaustion
    Working your dog out in the heat? Watch out for heat exhaustion. Give your dog plenty of fresh, cool water.

    Check Your Gear
    The Early Waterfowl Seasons are just around the corner. Have you checked your gear yet?

    Vehicle Prepartion
    Don’t wait till the Hunting Seasons are here; get your vehicle ready now!

    Decoy Check
    It’s Time to check out your decoys. Do they need new paint, flocking, or weight repair?

    Wild Game Recipes
    Hunting season is around the corner. Using our great recipe section will help clean out the freezer.

    Shells Tip
    Keep your shells dry, use a floating pit or blind bag.

    Dove Tip
    When scouting for doves, look for their water source. That is a great place to set up for your hunt.

    Gun Performance
    Have you shot your gun since last season? Make sure it is ready to go, and pattern your gun for optimum performance. You will be glad you did.

    Get Your Dog Ready
    Getting your dog ready for the season? Work the dog early in the morning on the dew in the grass or later in the evening to avoid the heat of the day. Keep your dog hydrated.

    Decoy Tip
    Fast flying birds that scream over the decoys, make sure you lead them or you are sure to shoot behind them.

    Gun Care
    Your gun is an expensive investment. Use a padded gun case to protect it.

    Decoy Prepartion
    The season is close. Make sure you have all your decoys ready to go.

    Hunting Seats
    When building a temporary duck blind, carry a 5 gallon bucket with all materials you need, including tools to clear shooting lanes. Once the blind is built, use the bucket to sit on.

    Binocular Care
    Keep your binocular lenses clean. Use a soft cloth with lens cleaner to prevent scratches.

    Blind Bag
    The old saying holds true - "keep your powder dry." Use a blind bag.

    Hunting Items for Your Dog
    The season is nearly here. Do you have your dog ready? These items may help.

    Ground Blind Care
    Protect your new ground blind, use a blind bag or a Neo Tub for shallow water hunting.

    Pack Your MOJO to Protect It
    Use a MOJO Backpack. Add movement for your MOJO with the new action kit.

    Hunting Dog Parkas Vests Boots
    Keep your "best friend” warm when out in the marsh, use a dog parka.  

    Calling Tip
    Hunting with a partner? Team up calling your birds. Two people calling is always better than one.

    Goose season is here, have you tried flagging?

    Decoy Tip
    When setting out your decoy spread, confidence decoys are a plus. Add a heron and you will see a difference.

    Extra Hand in the Marsh
    Are you looking for that third hand in the marsh? Try a Stik-n-the-Mud to free up your hands.

    Comfortable Seating
    Does your back get tired waiting for the birds to come in? Sit comfortably on a seat.

    Ground Blind Tip
    Are you buying a new ground blind? Don't forget to "mud" the blind and add some killer weed in the stubble straps.

    Saftey First
    When Turkey Hunting, be sure of your target before you pull the trigger. "BE SAFE, HUNT SAFE"

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