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    Archery Releases
    A mechanical "trigger” release which generates an immediate release of the arrow.
    Arm Guard
    A protective device worn on the bow arm to protect it in case of a string slap.
    Assembly Call
    A long series of yelps made by hens trying to locate a flock of scattered poults.
    Back Weight
    A device added to the bow for target shooting in conjunction with a front stabilizer bar to perfectly balance the bow.
    A cover device for hunting designed to reduce the chance of detection.
    A diving duck.
    Bow Press
    A device used to compress bow limbs so cables and strings can be adjusted.
    Bow Square
    A unit used to measure brace height or to align a nocking point.
    Box Call
    A box turkey call with a paddle that when moved side to side mimics a turkey yelp.
    An arrowhead with a triangular shaped head.
    A male deer.
    A throw dummy used in retriever training.
    A covering or clothing pattern which hides an otherwise visible object.
    Center Shot
    The point that places the arrow shaft directly in line with the string groove.
    To rub carpenters chalk on the inside lid of a box call to improve the sound of the call.
    Choke Tube
    A removable interior tube screwed into the end of a shotgun barrel that controls shot dispersion.
    Collar Conditioning
    A dog training method using an electronic collar.
    Confidence Decoys
    Decoys representing herons, gulls, coots and other water birds intended to reassure ducks that a landing area is safe.
    Natural vegetation or covering designed to reduce detection.
    Conservation Reserve Program, a government program that pays farmers to grow grass or other cover crops for wildlife habitat.
    Birds drawing in to a decoy spread.
    Delayed Bird
    A bird hesitating to decoy.
    Diaphragm Mouth Call
    A turkey call made from one to four thin latex reeds stretched in a frame that fits into the roofs of the caller’s mouth.
    Department of Natural Resources
    Drag Marks
    Parallel lines on the ground left by the wings of a strutting Tom.
    Draw Length
    The distance the string is drawn by the shooter.
    Draw Stop
    A device on a compound bow that stops the draw at the set draw length.
    Draw Weight
    The amount of weight the string must be pulled to fully draw the bow.
    Ducks Unlimited
    Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North Americas waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.
    A bumper.
    Dummy Collar
    A replica of an electronic training collar.
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    The outer covering or plumage on a bird.
    Field Work
    Method of dog training in the field.
    The tiniest, hairlike feathers on a turkey.
    The feathers on an arrow shaft that aid in arrow flight, spin, and direction. They can be feathers, vanes, or blazers. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.
    Food Plot
    A plot of land purposely planted for wildlife. Usually plated with clover, corn rice etc.
    Force Fetching
    A process in dog training of training the dog to be absolute reliable in retrieving.
    Force Training
    A method of dog training using mild force.
    A dabbler duck.
    Turkeys’ legs, feet, wings and beak adapted for important activities.
    Using binoculars to spot deer.
    Go Bird
    The last item the dog sees thrown. In a multiple mark situation, it is generally the first item a dog will pick up.
    Part of mating and courtship behaviors, the male gobble functions to call in hens to mate. Because males gobble, they have become nicknamed “gobblers.”
    A unit used to plot a course with extreme accuracy.
    A type of vocalization used by bucks.
    The type of environment that supports deer and all its activities.
    The person releasing the dog to make a retrieve.
    A command that when mastered has the dog sitting at your side when you stop or command "heel."
    A tool used to fletch your arrow.
    Full grown adult female game bird. Pheasants, turkeys, etc.
    The insert is used to screw your broadhead into.
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    A small protrusion placed on the bow string as an additional anchor reference point which touches the archer’s lips, teeth or nose at full draw.
    A leash, strap cord or chain attached to a collar or harness by which the dog is restrained or led.
    Length of Pull
    A measurement needed when choosing the correct bow.
    A type of goose similar to a Canadian goose but smaller.
    A dabbler duck.
    A method in training the dog to see or “mark” where the bird fell.
    Memory Bird
    Any item in a multiple mark situation, other than the last item, a dog has seen thrown for it to retrieve.
    Losing feathers and regrowing them at different stages in life.
    Grooved piece on the arrow shaft which the bow string fits into.
    Nocking Loop
    Placed on bow string at the nocking point. Mostly used with mechanical releases. Protects the string from damage when using release aids.
    Nocking Points
    The guide on the string where the arrow is nocked at.
    To draw over center when drawing.
    Pattern Field
    A target method used in determining pellet patterns.
    Peep Sight
    A fixed iron sight on the rear of the barrel.
    A dabbler duck.
    Pit Blinds
    A small trench in the earth that serves as a ground blind.
    The collective feathers on birds.
    Portable Stand
    A stand that is usually affixed to a tree and can be easily moved from place to place.
    A high pitched type of call the turkey emits when confronted with danger.
    A device that is attached to the bow to hold arrows when hunting. They come in 3-6 arrows amounts and can either come with foam for fixed blade broadhead's or magnets for expandables.
    A non-compound bow similar to a long bow but with curved ends where the stings attach.
    The wing feathers of a turkey.
    The tail feathers of a turkey.
    A diving duck.
    Full grown adult male game bird. Pheasants, turkeys, etc.
    The part of the riser that is cut out and where the arrow rests.
    Shoot-Through Rest
    A release aid that features 2 prongs holding the arrow shaft so when released it allows the cock vane to fly through the prongs.
    A diving duck.
    Snap Shooting
    Quick release.
    A measurement to signify the arrow's resistance to bending.
    A horney growth on a male turkey's leg.
    An extension rod used to minimize the vibrations which occur during release.
    A “walk” a male turkey does when trying to entice a female for breeding purposes.
    A dabbler duck.
    A male turkey.
    Tree Call
    A call a turkey makes while roosting in a tree.
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    A plastic fletching ranging anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches in length.
    A term used in upland game hunting. When a dog comes on point the handler will tell the dog to "whoa", making the dog stop and go in easy to flush the bird.
    A dabbler duck.
    Type of call a hen turkey makes.
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