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Winchester Super X3 All-Purpose Field 20 Gauge Shotgun Video

Winchester Super X3 All-Purpose Field 20 Gauge Shotgun Video

Winchester Super X3 All-Purpose Field 20 Gauge Shotgun is lighter, slimmer, and more durable than the X2. A slimmer profile gives you more control over the gun and the recoil. The all new alloy magazine tube and recoil spring reduces the weight by roughly half a pound. Brand new lightweight material used in the barrel combined with a more narrow profile give you a lighter and more mobile gun, while not losing durability and accuracy. Super X3 shotguns have a new Perma-Cote UT coating that is much more durable than traditional blueing, and ends up being the most durable coating. Winchester shotguns are known worldwide for their balance and fit, and the Super X3 does not disappoint.

Durability is one of the most important aspects of a shotgun. The Super X3 has been rigorously tested, and under that testing successfully fired 5000 rounds without having a malfunction. There is no guarantee that all Super X3 shotguns will achieve this feat, as that would be nearly impossible under usual hunting conditions. 5000 rounds fired without malfunction, even in the best possible conditions is insanely hard to do. The SX3 is considered by many gun critics to be one of the best and most reliable shotguns ever made. Combining the proven Active Valve gas operating system with new lightweight technology makes this one of the most reliable lightweight shotguns in the world. The Active Valve system ensures recoil reduction, speed, and durability in all conditions.

Camouflage is a must for those hunters who have or leave their gun exposed for extended periods of time while in the marsh or field. The new forearm and stock give the camouflage an all new look and help it disappear into the background. A slim forearm allows your hands better control, even with massive gloves on. The cold will not slow down or alter the action or performance of the SX3.

Winchester Super X3 All-Purpose Field 20 Gauge Shotgun