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ThermaCell Heated Insoles Video

ThermaCell Heated Insoles Video

Foot warmers make any cold weather activity more comfortable and enjoyable. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles foot warmers are wireless, remote-controlled, rechargeable, lightweight, durable, and affordable. Keep your feet warm and toasty in the most bitter of cold with ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. The Heated Insoles maintain a steady temperature inside your shoes or boots, keeping your feet around normal body temperature. That is different from disposable chemical foot warming pads that get hot to the touch and can make your feet sweat.

ThermaCell Heated Insole Features:

  • Provides heat up to 111 degrees F under your feet
  • Three temperature settings to match conditions (high, medium, no heat)
  • High-tech wireless thermal technology is run by remote control
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Fits easily into your boots or shoes
  • Comes with bag, charger, and wireless remote control
  • Remote control range of up to seven feet
  • Customizable to most foot sizes

Utilizing high-tech wireless thermal technology, these advanced insoles keep your feet warm and comfortable for up to five hours per charge. Controlled by an easy-to-use remote control, the insoles offer three temperature settings: High (111 degrees F), medium (100 degrees F), and no heat. Use the no heat setting when active or indoors to conserve battery life. The Heated Insoles are powered by lightweight rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are embedded in the insoles and not mounted to the shoe, ankle, or waist. These insoles slip easily into your boots or shoes and can be interchanged between footwear. Insoles come with a drawstring bag, global charger, and wireless remote control. Includes a lanyard for the remote control and operating instructions. Water resistant. Imported.

ThermaCell Heated Insoles