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ScentMaster Odor Remover Box Video

ScentMaster Odor Remover Box Video

ScentMaster Odor Remover Box has a whole different approach to scent control. This is the easiest to use scent control option on the market. Never worry about whether you sprayed every possible scent holding spot on your clothing. Instead of wasting time spraying or wasting money on new scent control clothing that never lasts long enough to be worth it. This system allows you to use your favorite clothing that are made scent free. The ScentMaster Box eliminates moisture in your boots by circulating 130 degree air throughout the box and your clothing or boots. By eliminating moisture in your clothing you also eliminate the odor causing bacterium. Replaceable premium grade activated carbon filters will take out the additional odors that may have accumulated on your clothing. Instead of abusing your clothing by puting it through the washer and dryer, just use this simple system and keep your colors and material looking and feeling new. Just toss your clothes and boots in the box and let it remove the scents for you!

ScentMaster Odor Remover Box Features:

  • Just toss your clothes in the box and let it run
  • Eliminates moisture to kill odor bacterium
  • Circulates 130 degree air
  • Activated carbon filters remove scent
  • Replacable carbon filters keep it fresh

ScentMaster Odor Remover Box