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Moultrie Feeder Power Panel Video

Moultrie Feeder Power Panel Video

Moultrie Feeder Power Panel eliminates unnecessary trips to your game feeder to change batteries. Ensures a continuous source of power with this Power Panel. The innovative design combines a solar panel and built in battery that will extend feeder battery life indefinitely. Solar panel and battery system stores energy from the sun to extend camera life. Weather resistant and includes a 10 foot cord allowing for optimal sunlight gathering placement. Easily mounts to trees, pole, or tripod. This Feeder Power Panel is compatible with all Moultrie cameras built in 2007 or later.

Moultrie Feeder Power Panel Features:

  • Solar panel with built-in 6 volt battery
  • Extends the life of your trail camera
  • Weather resistant design for years of use
  • Includes 10 foot cord for optimal placement
  •  Built in battery level indicator
  • 5 foot varmint resistant cord allows placement optimal sunlight
  • Compatible with all Moultrie feeders with external power port

Moultrie Feeder Power Panel